Thursday, June 9, 2011

The Queeriodic Table

Are you a Fagzilla, Flammer, Yestergay, Hasbian, Woofy, Frig, or a Kiki?
Do you even know what those words mean? No?
Then it’s time for you to learn the essential LGBT elements on

The Queeriadic Table started off as an art piece for a local fundraiser, but if its co-creators have their way, the Queeriodic Table is going places.
Inspired by a blog post of a periodic table made entirely of cupcakes, artists Jen Crothers and Kona thought a queer version would be an ideal way to raise money for Out in Schools’ annual fundraiser, High School Confidential. Their art piece also aims to create raise awareness of queer language and its evolution.
Is it nerdy?  Yes
Is it fun? Yes
Is it fabulous?  Most definately?

1 comment:

Clueless said...

This was funny even though it was a bit off color for me. I enjoyed it. Someone had a lot of time on their hands.

It also reminded me of my age as I was having difficulty reading it until I zoomed in.

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