Product Reviews

I am currently offering written product reviews on my blog which includes the following:

*  A non-returnable product is sent to me via courier at your own cost

*  A period of 1 to 2 weeks during which I will test/use the product for review

*  An unbiased and honest review to be written about your product to be published on my
    blog and the syndication thereof on my social media pages which includes the following:
     - Facebook Page (10 000+ likes)
     - Facebook Group (21 000+ followers)
     - Google+ (2 000+)
     - Pinterest (733 followers)
     - Instagram (774 followers) and
     - Twitter (4 000+ followers)

       Total reach 38 000+ people and growing

*  Top 10 Countries where my blog is popular are:

1.   United States
2.   South Africa
3.   United Kingdom
4.   Russia
5.   Canada
6.   Germany
7.   Franse
8.   Australia
9.   India
10. China

Should you wish to have your product reviewed please email me to set up a review or to get more information.

P.O. Box 2444
Faerie Glen
South Africa

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