Thursday, March 28, 2013

When A Drag Queen Loses Her Mind

In life there will always be people who rub your tits the wrong way.  Not being shy to air my shit list on my blog when it comes to homophobes, I am somewhat hesitant to do so when a member of the LGBT community ends up on it.  But when that said member decides to slander me all over the interwebs and compares me to a dog’s offspring that hesitation somewhat dissipates and I am then more inclined to take a bitch down.  Unfortunately, due to pesky legal reason, I will not be mentioning names, but suffice to say it is a cock in a frock from an unfortunate side of Johannesburg.  So sit back and let me tell you about the Drag Queen who lost her mind.  This is my side of the story.
First, I do feel the need to tell you that I don’t have a problem with drag queens.  They are the backbone of our LGBT culture and they were the ones who are the true heroes of Stonewall.  I love and respect them as all homosexuals should.  However, of late I have been perturbed by the standard of queens who are coming onto the scene.  Guys who think that by painting their faces with makeup, getting into a cheap dress and putting on a pair of stilettos makes them drag queens.

The same guys who have no self-awareness when they look into the mirror and fail to see that they are nothing but a cock in a frock with a wig, atrociously done makeup and have the uniqueness, nerve and talent of a cat’s coughed up fur ball.  They are an insult to true drag artists.  Artists who work hard at their craft, always seeking to improve themselves and humble enough to realize that they will always be a work in progress and perfection will always elude them, thereby motivating them to try harder and be better.  Unfortunately, the drag queen I am telling you about today is NOT one of those artists.
This whole nightmare started when I first realized that this drag queen, who calls herself a "social blogger" was on my Facebook friend list.  I learned this when she started incessantly adding me to her Facebook group which she also refers to as her "blog".  I would leave the group only to find that I was added again the next day.  It annoyed me.  This continued until I finally discovered the “leave group and prevent people from adding you” function.  Then a couple of weeks later she inboxed me after I posted comments on another terror in a dress’s obscene comments about another drag artist.  She told me she thought the terror in drag was a horrible human being and that she was a ghastly drag artist and for some bizarre reason insisted that I know that she only “interviewed” her on her group because it was business and that she doesn’t like her or is friends with her.  At the time I thought it was rather odd, but left it at drag queen rivalry.  In retrospect this should have been my first warning sign.

This queen thinks she is the Oprah of the drag world.  She also thinks that she is a “social blogger” because she has a Facebook group with 99% of the people on it having been added by her, as she tried to add me.  And as for the “interviews” they are nothing but a cookie cutter template, sometimes moderately adjusted, which she then sends to her “interviewees” to complete themselves (which takes a fucking long time) and on completion is copied and pasted, without being edited, onto her group; effectively having the interviewee doing all the work.  She also sometimes takes the liberty of adding a few things to the interviewee’s “interview” mostly singing her own praises.  Hardly something Oprah would do.

I had the unfortunate experience of being “interviewed” by her (the drag queen not Oprah) and in retrospect I am appalled that I did.  I had to correct her spelling mistakes and grammar in her questions, which is not very professional of her.  Also, she claims to do extensive research on her interview subjects, yet from reading some of her interviews it is clear that she doesn't understand what research is.  I have also reliably learned that several actual celebrities blew this queen off and declined to be interviewed by her due to the poor standard of her interviews and the fact that they found it hard to take this drag queen seriously. I mean honestly, you just need to look at her profile pictures:  A man in a sleeveless dress, farmer tan lines on his arms, badly done makeup, mustache stubble and a wig that looks like road kill.  
The final straw that broke the camel’s back and the cause that started this childish gay feud was when this drag queen plagiarized one of my friends humor pieces and made it out to be her own on her group.  I called her out by linking the original piece to the plagiarized post.  The bitch flipped her lid and I received almost 20 messages in under 5 minutes.  You can ask any blogger – plagiarism is the one thing that really fucking makes us irate.  But then a week later, after I have severed all ties with this queen and her group I learned from a fellow blogger that the queen’s Facebook was hacked and that the queen blamed me.  

At this point I started to feel somewhat victimized.  Being accused of hacking someone’s social media is a serious allegation, yet she made it without any proof or facts.  It was also at this point when I started to realized that I was not dealing with someone who is rational and that she must be a few eggs short of a dozen.  But I let it slide.  Almost a month past and I completely put that bad experience behind me and moved on but, then the bitch reappeared and it was to a certain extend my own fault.  You see I get send dozens of funny pictures by the fans on my fan page, most of which I post.  So I received this meme picture of a rather unfortunate looking drag queen with a caption which I thought was funny.  So I posted it and then all hell broke loose.
You see the meme was of this queen and I didn’t recall ever seeing the photo the person used who made the meme.  I did not realize it was her, but apparently that pic was one of her profile pictures.  The drag queen completely lost her shit.  She send me a message asking what the fuck was wrong with me and instructed me to take it down. Or. Else.  Apparently the caption that read "Worst Halloween Costume... Ever" really pissed her off as she was proud of that picture and actually thought she looked good.  But that is the thing about good taste and class - not everyone has it!

The queen was rude, as she normally is, and then she showed her true colors.  She again started accusing me of hacking her Facebook account and then proceeded to make a meme of me comparing me to a dog’s offspring and wrote, amongst other derogatory things, that I was “a disgrace to human kind”.  Personally, I felt she was being childish and that she was/is mentally unstable.  I decided not to involve myself with this drag queen’s rants who clearly was going off her rocker.  I decided not to delete the picture, nor did I ask her to delete the meme she made of me.  I thought that if it made her feel better to slander me then so be it and I left it at that.  At the end of the day Facebook removed both pictures.
Over the weekend I learned that this drag queen decided to publish an article on her Facebook group stating her side of the story.  Delusional as she is, she wrote that everything contained in this blog post are lies.  She also accused me of being a cyber bully and obviously did not want me to see the article.  Unfortunately for her, one of my readers emailed me the article and I had a few giggles when I read it.  But I saw it for what it was and decided it is not worth my time or my readers time to again get involved in a "he said, she said" fiasco and gay melodrama. 

The drag queen is still slandering me on her social media, like I really give a shit what she thinks of me.  There is much to say about class and dealing with things in a mature manner which in her case leaves much to be desired.  She seems to be desperate and somewhat of a megalomaniac as such this queen made it onto my shit list.  “Why can’t the gays not just get along?” I hear desperately echoing from Gay HQ.  Well, I guess we cannot get along with everybody, now can we.

Till next time.

(*Disclaimer:  No drag queens were actually harmed during the writing of this blogs post.  However, a few egos were bruised)

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

No I Don’t Want to Friend Your Cock

I have been on Facebook since 25 June 2007.  That is like forever in the cyber world.  I have been on Facebook longer than what most people’s relationships last; longer than what most people, including myself, stay at the same job.  Through the last five years I had my fair share of dramas on and with Facebook and I have learned that there are people on Facebook who have very serious fucking mental problems.  Reflecting back on my, sometimes tumultuous, history with “The Facebook” I could not help but wonder, are people really as fucked up in real life as they seem to be on the web.
During the last five years I have been banned from Facebook twice.  Yes banned! Twice!  Coincidentally, both times were preceded by some rather disturbing hate mail I received from some very fanatical religious freaks who took great umbrage at my mere existence.  These were the same freaks that, in all probability, reported me to the gods at Facebook who in return instead of investigating the “complaints” rather opted to disable my account.  Both times it took weeks and a torrent of emails for the Facebook gatekeepers to come to their senses and to reinstate my account.  The most recent time they threatened to banish me was because I had too many friends.

You see, Facebook has a 5000 friend limit.  I have reached that limit a couple of times at which times I were instructed by a faceless bot message to clean up my friend list OR ELSE.  Do you know how long it will take me to scrutinize my entire friend list?  It would not take days – it would take weeks!  The last time I was threatened to clean up my friend list was in August last year and it took me a whole week to delete just over 300 people.  My criteria were simple:  If you don’t have a profile picture of yourself, you were unfriended.  If your name is “Gay Love”, “iFuck a Lot” or “BJ King” or anything ridiculous like that you were gone.  And if you have your private parts as your profile picture you were unfriended.  And this leads me to my next point.  Why do some people think you are on Facebook to hookup?

My Facebook profile clearly reads “married” under my relationship status.  Surely the people who inbox me on Facebook can’t be illiterate?  I have gotten countless messages over the years ranging from people who were soliciting sex from me, wanting to know if hubby and I were into gang bangs, asking how big my dick is, what fetishes I am into and the best ones were “ASL” (age sex location).  Now if you need to ask me that on Facebook you are either just fucking retarded or super lazy!  I mean honestly, don’t these people read your profile before sending you profanities and wanting to have carnal knowledge of your body?  If I don’t know you chances are good that I also don’t want to play occupy the anus with you especially if we are not even on the same continent.
And then there are the people on Facebook who firmly believe that their dicks are their best physical attribute.  They are so very proud of their little sausages that they prominently display it as their profile pictures.  Now if you invite me as a friend and all I can see is your erect pointing the wrong way cock that’s barely disguising your unkept bush and hairy balls, chances are good that I will not accept your request.  Chances are even better that I will report your profile to Facebook and the message you will get in your inbox from me will read “No, I don’t want to friend your cock!”  I mean seriously, would you walk around in public with your crown jewels hanging out of your pants?  Doing it on Facebook is pretty much the same thing, don’t you think?

But Facebook don’t just have overly horny folks, they also have the spammers.  You know who I am talking about.  Those people who like to post products on their timelines, obsessively tag you in photos of brands, inbox 50 people at a time with “You can win a iPad 3” and those folks who troll groups and pages and post links to websites ranging from pornography to dating sites.  I believe there is a special place in hell for these fucktarts right next to telemarketers, homophobes, Hitler and Robert Mugabe.  I don’t know why Facebook don’t ban them.  Most of their profiles are fake anyway and this is why I never accept friend request from girls posing in sexy positions that have a lot of friends but never post anything on their timelines except for spam.

The other crowd of the people that occasionally annoy me on Facebook is the folks that clearly need to be in therapy and never mind airing all of their dirty laundry in public.  Sure sometimes it is entertaining reading their status updates in my news feed.  Following their mental meltdowns during the course of eight hours or reading how they are trying to get rid of their one night stands the next morning is quite entertaining.  But have these folks no shame?  Are they not aware that their friends are reading these status updates and are judging them?  Some days while reading my news feed on Facebook I feel so much more normal and mentally stable in comparison to some of my internet friends.  Watching their shit go down in real time feels a little voyeuristic, but hey if they post it who am I not to read it.
Lastly, I have a certain group on Facebook which I have been trying to close down now for well over a year but with little success.  Apparently winning a war in Iraq is easier than closing down a group on Facebook.  I decided to close the group down due to spam, people using it as their personal sex hookup spot, endless “add me” posts and a few other unsavory reasons.  I have closed the wall, banned hundreds of folks and outright threatened people.  Yet, the group continues to grow and currently have well over 22 000 members.  It boggles the mind.  Why would people stay in a group where you can’t do anything?  Moreover, why the hell would anyone want to join the group either?  The group is called “Gay” but should be called “Whores Orgies & Spam” instead.

Yes, Facebook is filled to its cyber brim with some fucked up people.  Perhaps some folks on Facebook think that I am fucked up, the lord knows I too have my moments.  But no matter how fucked up some people are, I keep on going back to some of my more favorite messed up friends’ profiles.  I do this because their problems and the fact that they are so vocal about it make my problems seem less severe and it’s fun to read and sometimes to watch it happen.  After all, only on the web can people truly embrace and express how fucked up they really are, something they dare not do in their real lives.  It’s just a pity that sometimes, when they least expect it, the two worlds collide and often times it does so with less than desirable consequences.

Till next time.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Jesus' Gay Marriage Sing Along

Jesus parodies Lily Allen's song "Fuck You!" to vent against all the judgmental, materialistic, warmongering American Republicans who go around speaking for Him.  He find it particularly galling when this is done in politics to fight against abortion and gay rights, two topics He never actually got around to mentioning.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Sex Addicts

As if it is not bad enough that hubby and I share our house with prolific serial killers, we inadvertently introduced a new problem into our home.  A problem so shameful, sinful and grave that it requires an urgent and decisive intervention.  You see, unbeknown to us our sweet, cute and cuddly bunnies have a dark secret; a secret so dark that they had to hide it from us.  But when their urges overcame them their secret was no longer safe and we were mortified when it came out.  The cat is now out of the bag, so to speak, and we now sit with a problem that’s not only embarrassing when house guests come to visit but it is also traumatizing us and the cats.  Our bunnies are sex addicts.
Before I got the bunnies I did some extensive research on Google.  I wanted to make sure I knew everything there was to know about bunnies, their health, diet, behavior and any possible problems and challenges that were associated with them.  After doing my research I was fairly convinced that I knew enough to be a good bunny parent.  Sure, since we had them they chewed off wires, peed on me, almost destroyed my iPad and virtually decimated our succulent garden but that was acceptable.  It was our own fault that they did that anyway because we did not bunny proof the house thoroughly, underfed them with hay and they were still in the process of being potty trained.  But who knew that things could get worse.

After Alexi’s fatal accident hubby and I decided to replace him with another companion for our little girl.  After all bunnies are social animals.  We wanted to make sure that the new companion was a boy, as two homosexuals in one house are quite enough.  So when we brought him home it took the pair a day or two to develop a friendship and then forge a strong bond.  Then on one fateful Sunday morning it happened – their hormones kicked in.  They started to shag and shag and shag.  I soon came to realize why there is a term like “fucking like bunnies”.  Their sex drive and stamina would make even a seasoned porn star or crack whore morbidly jealous.  Then came another problem - the strong probability that we might have a litter of rabbit kits.
Being way too young to become grandparents, hubby and I decided to make sure that the bunnies were indeed a boy and a girl.  So I Google’d bunny genitalia (my search history is really weird people) to make sure I knew the difference.  And lo and behold we shockingly discovered that we had two boys and that our bunnies were gay.  I almost fainted.  At the same time I was relieved seeing as I thought it would now no longer be necessary to neuter them unless they became aggressive towards one another.  But I was wrong on so many levels.

You see, our bunnies developed a new routine that mostly consisted out of sex, eating and sleeping.  But mostly sex.  What makes this bad is the fact that they chose to not only have sex with each other, taking turns to fuck each other, to 69 and some other bizarre sexual move which I have never seen or experienced myself before, but they decided that everyone and everything else in our house and property were fair game for a gang bang.  They have tried to shag all our cats, the tortoise, some objects in the garden, my shoes, slipper, two teddy bears, the scatter cushions, remote controls, my iPhone, iPad and hairbrushes, to mention but a few.  But the attempted rapes of us and the cats are really the problem.
Out of our five cats only two of them have ever had sex in their lives; the other three are/were virgins.  The first time the bunnies tried to have sex with Boris he was understandably confused, but when he was almost penetrated by one of the bunnies and had his face shoved in the other one’s private parts he soon realized that he did not like what was happening and he fled.  Now every time the bunnies see him they storm him and I can swear the bunnies are talking in German when they do this.  Over the weekend the bunnies also tried to rape one of our older cats who is going slightly blind.  Not being a virgin she knew exactly what they were trying and it ended up with her losing a patch of her fur.

The situation is now so dire that Killer Pussy makes her way around the house never once touching the floor and Boris is a nervous wreck and hides in the bedroom when we are not around to protect him.  All five cats have been molested by the bunnies in one way or another and the bunnies are not gentle lovers either, I strongly suspect that they are into some hectic S&M and shit.  Just this morning one bunny was violently banging the cage almost ripping the door open while the other one was banging him from behind.  Our bunnies’ sex live is making ours look woefully inadequate, so it seems the bunnies are trying to fix that.
You see the bunnies have tried to hump us as well.  Normally we can defuse the situation without too much effort but they are sneaky fucks and they will get you when you least expect it.  Just the other Saturday morning one of the bunnies had his way with me.  It was around 8am in the morning and hubby was up and doing what he usually does on a Saturday morning, but he made one crucial error – he left the bedroom door open.  We keep it closed because the bedroom is not bunny proofed.  Shortly after eight I felt someone tapping my shoulder.  I thought it was hubby trying to wake me up and I recall mumbling “It’s Saturday, let me sleep”, but the tapping continued.  So I eventually opened up my eyes to find a bunny raping my shoulder.  I felt abused, dirty and ashamed.

After everyone and everything thing in our house having been sexually abused by the bunnies we decided that this could not continue any longer.  The Sodom and Gomorrah with its debauchery needs to end or else our whole household will go to hell and/or will become the bunnies’ sex slaves.  So, I made an appointment with a vet who specializes in bunny sterilization and the bunnies are getting “altered” next week.  I hope this will finally put an end to the rapes, sexual assaults and molestations.  Hopefully after the surgery the bunnies will focus their attention on things other than sex and that we can go about our daily lives without being afraid of being gang banged.  I don’t want to be a bunny’s bitch anymore.

Till next time.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

What You Always Wanted to Ask a Gay Guy

There are many curious people out there.  And you know who you are.  People who are curious about what exactly gay guys get up to in the bedroom, amongst other things.  So this week I challenged my Facebook friends to send me some questions that they always wanted to ask a gay guy but never dared to.  Evidently, the common denominator amongst the questions that I received dealt with sex, in one way or another.  The questions came from straight folks, bisexuals, lesbians and even a few gay guys.  So without any further ado here goes...

The first question I received asked “If you are both tops or bottoms, how do you decide who will go where?”  Well, the answer is simple.  One will bottom and the other will top.  Contrary to popular belief there are few gay guys who are exclusively tops or bottoms.  Sometimes we like to mix things up a bit, we call this being versatile.  There are also a lot of other sexually sinful things you can do that will make Pastors cringe that does not involve penetration.  But seeing as I was not asked about that, I will leave it up to your dirty imaginations.

What happens if you are dating a guy and he has a really large penis?” Well, if that happens go on your knees and thank God.  It doesn’t matter what people with small penises say – size does matter!  The bigger the better!  Personally, I know many size queens who like their men’s joy sticks supersized which lead me to a related question “Does anal sex hurt, and what if the guy’s dick is really large?”  The simple answer will be yes, anal sex can hurt a little at first.  After all you are stretching the sphincter muscle.  But the anus is resilient.  As for if the guy is really large, well then you would have to do some preparation before penetration to make sure the anus is relaxed.  Some gay guys prefer to use poppers as it takes the edge off and relaxes the sphincter muscle.  You should really try it sometime.  Anal sex is not just for the gays you know.
Have you ever lied and said you were a top because you did not feel like doing the prep work?” Actually I am a versatile top and I don’t need to do much prep work but I am sure there are some bottoms that may have done this.  I mean the prep work is tedious, you have to shave your ass and you can hurt yourself doing it.  Lord knows I did once but I don’t like talking about it.  Then you have to trim your pubes and douche.  You don’t want your partner’s member to be covered with stinky bits now do you?  Sometimes if you have not bottomed in a while you may also need to make use of certain adult toys to help prepare yourself for the actual penetration and all of this takes time but is well worth the effort.  And most importantly it shows your partner that you care.

And then there were some question with really short answers.  “What do you prefer, KY or Vaseline?”  KY, because Vaseline is oil based and not advisable to use during safe sex.  It is always better to use a water based lubricant.  “Do you like titties?” No I don’t.  “How do you know you don’t like vagina if you never tried it?”  I have tried it and I STILL DON’T LIKE IT!  “Would you ever have a threesome with women?”  Ummm, don’t you understand what homosexual mean?  No I would not.  “Have you ever had a threesome and was it awkward?”  Yes I have, and it was a little awkward at first but it got better as I got into things.
Why are some gay men on dating sites scared of HIV+ men?”  I don’t know if it is a lack of safe sex education in the gay community but in my opinion they avoid HIV+ men because they fear being infected.  Let’s not fool ourselves; gay guys are on dating sites like Man Hunt, Grindr and Gaydar for sex.  Only in exceptional circumstance do guys find their life partners on dating sites and in my social circle I only know of one couple who met that way.  If a person can’t look past you being HIV+, in my opinion, they are not worth your time anyway.

What is gaydar and do all gays have it?”  This is like the gay superpower right?  Gaydar is the ability to recognize gay people through observing certain subtle gay traits in their general behavior.  Contrary to what some believe gaydar is not only secluded to the gay community as some straight folks also have it.  Just like some gay people’s gaydar is broken.  For example my lesbian gaydar doesn’t work at all.  Two lesbians could be scissoring in front of me and I would not know they are gay.  Perhaps it is because I am not sexually attracted to women, who knows?
Do gay people have a secret language they speak?  My gay friends talk about things like dora and patsy, what does that mean?”  Back in the day when gay people were persecuted they had had secret parties and couldn’t openly associate or admit in public that they were gay, so certain code words were used to disguise what they were really saying or referring to.  Much of this “language”, which in fact is only gay slang, have died out with the younger LGBT generation as we don’t really need to use it anymore.  But certain words are still being used.  To learn more about this you can click on the following links: Gay Slang Explained and Gay Slang Dictionary.

So there you have it, answers to some question you always wanted to ask a gay guy but were too afraid to ask.  I am sure there might be many more.  So in future if you have a burning question about anything gay or need step-by-step instructions on how to use a butt plug, drop me an email and I will gladly assist you.

Till next time.

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Thursday, March 7, 2013

These Are the Gays of Our Lives.

One of the reasons I love Facebook is the fact that some days real life soap operas play out on my timeline.  Not the kind that you see on television, the scripted ones with the predictable story lines.  No, this is real shit with real people who just prove that sometimes reality really is stranger than fiction.  What played out this week was classic Jerry Springer material and it involved two gay guys, a fag hag and a cock block of epic proportions.  You just can’t make shit like this up, so let me tell you what happened.
There I was sitting in my office sick with the flue and feeling like one of my cats’ coughed up fur ball Kardasians when I opened up my Facebook.  Having over 5000 Facebook friends my timeline is normally quite busy and I am sure I miss 90% of what is going on with them.  Fully expecting some funny pictures and the odd lunch update or pet photo I was not expecting to stumble across drama.  But that is just what happened.  This was not the normal drama one would expect of a moody queer just ranting; this was drama that is sure to end up with someone being sued.

You see, one of my Facebook friends updated his status and I had to read it twice to make sure I read it correctly.  He said that his best friend since grade five, and up until a day ago also his fag hag, did something horrible.  That fat bitch impregnated herself with his lover of two year’s sperm.  Yes people, she knocked herself up with his boyfriend’s baby!  As if that was not bad enough she did all of this behind his back because she knew he would have a fucking melt down, which he clearly did when he found out.  And you know us queers we can through a motherfucking tantrum when we are upset.
Apparently miss fatal attraction and psycho fag hag went behind his back and convinced his boyfriend to jerk off into a cup.  He clearly had some reservations about what he was about to do, so miss pork chop went and changed her doctor’s appointment to an earlier time.  As soon as she had the boyfriend’s cum in her chubby little hands she jumped into her bitch automobile headed to the doctor’s office, spread her thunder thighs and got knocked up before the boyfriend could change his mind.  Now the fag hag from hell is with child and my Facebook friend is single.  That would have pissed me off too, wouldn’t it you?

I mean really.  Has this sperm and boyfriend thieving bitch not hear of a sperm bank before?  I know she’s really fat, but I am sure there are desperate men out there who would have knocked her up for free after a couple of drinks.  She lives in the East Rand after all.  What is wrong with that woman, was she really that desperate to get pregnant and if she was, why fuck up another couple’s two year relationship to do so?  The bitch must be crazy.
All this fag hag breeder drama left me with some very important questions:  If you are in a long term committed relationship must we now also worry that some crazy bitch will steal our husbands’/boyfriends’ sperm?  Is this now going to become a thing?  Should we all go for vasectomies?  Should we all have our fag hags sent for psychological testing to make sure they are mentally stable?  Should your first question when taking on a new fag hag be – do you want to have children?  This is frightening to say the least.

Well, all this drama played out on Facebook this week and today I saw all the posts were removed.  I am sure there are now some legal drama going on with restraining orders and possibly criminal charges.  It’s not like the psycho fag hag can be forced to have an abortion and in nine months a poor child will be birthed by that woman.  I feel sorry for that baby and I am not sure whether mommy will be honest about how he/she was conceived should the child ever ask her.  She does not seem like the honest type.
 As for my Facebook friend, he is not doing so well.  He is fucking angry as he should be.  As for his relationship, well it is pretty much over.  This truly was the meanest and most fucked up cock block I have ever heard off in my life.  But let this be a lesson to all of us, be careful who you allow into your life, some people can really fuck things up!

Till next time.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Words Have Consequences

We often time forget how powerful words are.  I grew up with the rhyme "Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me".  But we all know that not to be true.  Words do hurt.  They hurt more than what people may think.  This powerful one minute video by six Durban University of Technology and Graphic Design students is a very powerful and aims at creating awareness of all forms of discrimination.  I believe they succeeded.  Watch the video, and if you agree with me, please share it.

Beware the Sodomites want to recruit you!

Once again my jaw dropped in disbelieve when a friend forwarded me a link to the ranting of a radical Church. The ranting is by Steven Anderson from the Faithful Word Baptist Church. He is convinced that the sodomites (homosexuals) are taking over the world, spreading our disease of sin and want to recruit you. The only way to stop us, he says, is to kill us. This led me to wonder, is this true? Are we really taking over the world? Are we really hell bent on recruiting as many as we can to join our revolution of depravity?
Steven raises an interesting point by saying that we are multiplying. “There’s more than there were last year and the year before, and the year before that”. This is absolutely true as I can’t dispute this. He also raised the point of us reproducing and entertained with a brief biology lesson. Yes, two men and two women can’t reproduce through gay sex (and believe me we try) but can you say “Artificial Insemination”? Unfortunately, for us radical sodomites having a baby doesn’t guarantee us producing another sodomite. Statistically speaking chances are better that we would produce a straight (non-sodomite) child – oh the repulsion of even entertaining such a thought! So how are we multiplying? The answer is simple according to Steven - we recruit! Sodomites are diligent “recruiters and not reproducers”. We are preying on your children, unsuspecting and unescorted teenagers and defenceless adults. Yes, we seek out the weak and then swoop on them with our Rainbow Flags, KY, Dildos and other queer paraphernalia then “rape, molest and violate” them until they join our squadron. There even is a Gay Manual printed at Sodomite Head Quarters in Amsterdam with detailed instructions, however the illustrated version is only distributed from Sydney and costs a tad more. The process is quite straightforward and relatively painless for those who are not into sadomasochism. All sodomites know that if you need a refresher course, because you have not been meeting your recruitment quota for the month, you will have the manual couriered to you within 24 hours anywhere in the world accompanied with a tongue lashing, head bobbing, finger waving and a hefty fine from the International Institution of Sodomites.
We sodomites are also an ambitious bunch, recruiting is not enough for us because we don’t want to just spread our “disease of sin” we want to dominate and take over the world! We are constantly searching for positions of power especially in the governments of world. Having already infiltrated the United States, United Kingdom, Germany, South Africa, Australia, Netherlands, Switzerland, France, Italy and many more we are at the verge of a full-on hostile coup d'├ętat. We even have undercover sodomites in the Vatican! We are also branching out with our latest Infidel Office that opened up in Iraq just this past week and more to come.

We already control large portions of the world’s economy such as the Fashion Industry and are covertly taking control of other industries as well. Soon not a single non-sodomite will be safe! Just think about what we have achieved already. We are already in your homes (we decorated it, designed the clothes that you wear, your furniture, write the scripts of the shows you watch and even tell you how to prepare your food and do your hair). Our devious plan is well on its way and you are slowly being conditioned for that day the faggots, queers, trannies and dykes will be coming for you!
So how are us sodomites able to do this? Better yet, why are we getting away with it? Again Steven hits the nail on its head with the correct answer – “Queers have no natural predators!” Like the lions in the wild we have very few competitors to fear as we are at the top of the proverbial food/sex chain. We have a superior brain, are more evolved, impeccable fashion sense and generally have a greater disposable income enabling us to fund our global operations to dominate the world. Our creativity and flamboyance combined with our sensitive nature also is another key element as this is how we lure away your women and transform them into our slaves (fag hags). Whatever your wife or girlfriend can’t discuss with you (like your erectile dysfunction) she is happy to share with us. We are the ones that introduced them to vibrators and the phrase “honey not tonight I have a headache” – all of this to curb your reproduction rate. We are such geniuses we have even destroyed the sanctity of marriage as we too can now get married in several countries. First we took over the wedding industry with our wedding planners, caterers, fashion designers and decorators and now we have taken ownership of marriage away from you as well. You know gay adoption is also on the rise so gay married couples are now also taking your children too.
Lastly, you may argue that we need non-sodomites as the stereotypical sodomite is quite timid and lack brute strength because with a superior brain muscle power has become absolute. The truth is we really don’t need non-sodomites, this is why we have the stereotypical dykes: They can build things, win bar fights are good with knifes, beer bottles and fixing things like cars or leaking pipes. We also don’t need non-sodomites because we can procreate with the help of technology. Steven, I think, realized how redundant non-sodomites have become in society and is becoming terrified. If you listen to how hysterical he becomes during the last portion of his sermon one would think a sodomite has already baptised him up the ass. Steven is correct to be petrified because we are doing all these things - we are multiplying, recruiting and taking over the world! Soon all non-sodomites will be replaced with the superior human race that is the Sodomites!!!
Whoever is crazy enough to believe all of this really should look up Steven Anderson and give him a copy of this article, I am sure this would feed his festering hatred for homosexuals. Steven lives in a fantasy world where fairies have become demons and the leader in the battle between “Good” and “Evil” is led by a blind man who can’t distinguish between the two. I guess the world needs this type of insanity to balance out the bigger scheme of things, I just hope I never cross his path as I have quite a bit I’d like to say and do to crazy Anderson.

(To listen to this crazy man go to

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