"The delightful and dreary sides of gay life. The views and experiences of a thirty something guy trying to navigate his way through life. Sometimes funny, sometimes serious, but always entertaining."

Everyone has a story to tell some people may find these stories entertaining and others may learn from them. I am a thirty something guy, living in Pretoria (South Africa). Surrounded by people of all races and cultures my country is rich with history and sometimes turmoil, being gay provides the perfect backdrop through which to explore these tapestries of everyday life.

I was born in Pretoria but grew up and lived in a multitude of cities. Life came full circle when I finally found myself back at my place of birth. At the age of 16 I was reborn as I finally mustered up to courage to accept myself for whom and what I was – I came bursting out of the closet.

The years that past was not without its difficulties – adversity, discrimination, intolerance and ignorance were just a few obstacles I had to overcome; obstacles that many Gays and Lesbians face, some in silence and others publicly. One of my many passions is the fight for GLBT rights, justice and equality.

Not being the kind of person who shies away from the complexities of life I decided early on that I would learn and grow through each experience both the good and bad. In both my professional and personal life I have experiences tremendous highs and lows. All of which has made me the person I am today and I am grateful for all these experiences and life lessons. It is said wisdom is not learned but earned and it’s a life long journey.

During 1998 I met the man who would become my husband. Our journey together started when I was 21 and I literally grew up in this union. In 2006 gay marriage was legalized in South Africa and we jumped at the opportunity and have enjoying marital bliss most of the time.

January 2009 my blog was born and I decided to share some of the weird and wonderful things that flutter around in my head. At first I didn’t know whether anyone would read it, but it did find an audience albeit a small one.

My blog have been a source of great joy. From all the wonderful e-mails I receive from all corners of the world, every now and again something I write will touch someone. With the good also comes the bad and hate mails are frequent.

Whether delightful or dreary it's a pleasure sharing my experiences with you.

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