Thursday, March 28, 2013

When A Drag Queen Loses Her Mind

In life there will always be people who rub your tits the wrong way.  Not being shy to air my shit list on my blog when it comes to homophobes, I am somewhat hesitant to do so when a member of the LGBT community ends up on it.  But when that said member decides to slander me all over the interwebs and compares me to a dog’s offspring that hesitation somewhat dissipates and I am then more inclined to take a bitch down.  Unfortunately, due to pesky legal reason, I will not be mentioning names, but suffice to say it is a cock in a frock from an unfortunate side of Johannesburg.  So sit back and let me tell you about the Drag Queen who lost her mind.  This is my side of the story.
First, I do feel the need to tell you that I don’t have a problem with drag queens.  They are the backbone of our LGBT culture and they were the ones who are the true heroes of Stonewall.  I love and respect them as all homosexuals should.  However, of late I have been perturbed by the standard of queens who are coming onto the scene.  Guys who think that by painting their faces with makeup, getting into a cheap dress and putting on a pair of stilettos makes them drag queens.

The same guys who have no self-awareness when they look into the mirror and fail to see that they are nothing but a cock in a frock with a wig, atrociously done makeup and have the uniqueness, nerve and talent of a cat’s coughed up fur ball.  They are an insult to true drag artists.  Artists who work hard at their craft, always seeking to improve themselves and humble enough to realize that they will always be a work in progress and perfection will always elude them, thereby motivating them to try harder and be better.  Unfortunately, the drag queen I am telling you about today is NOT one of those artists.
This whole nightmare started when I first realized that this drag queen, who calls herself a "social blogger" was on my Facebook friend list.  I learned this when she started incessantly adding me to her Facebook group which she also refers to as her "blog".  I would leave the group only to find that I was added again the next day.  It annoyed me.  This continued until I finally discovered the “leave group and prevent people from adding you” function.  Then a couple of weeks later she inboxed me after I posted comments on another terror in a dress’s obscene comments about another drag artist.  She told me she thought the terror in drag was a horrible human being and that she was a ghastly drag artist and for some bizarre reason insisted that I know that she only “interviewed” her on her group because it was business and that she doesn’t like her or is friends with her.  At the time I thought it was rather odd, but left it at drag queen rivalry.  In retrospect this should have been my first warning sign.

This queen thinks she is the Oprah of the drag world.  She also thinks that she is a “social blogger” because she has a Facebook group with 99% of the people on it having been added by her, as she tried to add me.  And as for the “interviews” they are nothing but a cookie cutter template, sometimes moderately adjusted, which she then sends to her “interviewees” to complete themselves (which takes a fucking long time) and on completion is copied and pasted, without being edited, onto her group; effectively having the interviewee doing all the work.  She also sometimes takes the liberty of adding a few things to the interviewee’s “interview” mostly singing her own praises.  Hardly something Oprah would do.

I had the unfortunate experience of being “interviewed” by her (the drag queen not Oprah) and in retrospect I am appalled that I did.  I had to correct her spelling mistakes and grammar in her questions, which is not very professional of her.  Also, she claims to do extensive research on her interview subjects, yet from reading some of her interviews it is clear that she doesn't understand what research is.  I have also reliably learned that several actual celebrities blew this queen off and declined to be interviewed by her due to the poor standard of her interviews and the fact that they found it hard to take this drag queen seriously. I mean honestly, you just need to look at her profile pictures:  A man in a sleeveless dress, farmer tan lines on his arms, badly done makeup, mustache stubble and a wig that looks like road kill.  
The final straw that broke the camel’s back and the cause that started this childish gay feud was when this drag queen plagiarized one of my friends humor pieces and made it out to be her own on her group.  I called her out by linking the original piece to the plagiarized post.  The bitch flipped her lid and I received almost 20 messages in under 5 minutes.  You can ask any blogger – plagiarism is the one thing that really fucking makes us irate.  But then a week later, after I have severed all ties with this queen and her group I learned from a fellow blogger that the queen’s Facebook was hacked and that the queen blamed me.  

At this point I started to feel somewhat victimized.  Being accused of hacking someone’s social media is a serious allegation, yet she made it without any proof or facts.  It was also at this point when I started to realized that I was not dealing with someone who is rational and that she must be a few eggs short of a dozen.  But I let it slide.  Almost a month past and I completely put that bad experience behind me and moved on but, then the bitch reappeared and it was to a certain extend my own fault.  You see I get send dozens of funny pictures by the fans on my fan page, most of which I post.  So I received this meme picture of a rather unfortunate looking drag queen with a caption which I thought was funny.  So I posted it and then all hell broke loose.
You see the meme was of this queen and I didn’t recall ever seeing the photo the person used who made the meme.  I did not realize it was her, but apparently that pic was one of her profile pictures.  The drag queen completely lost her shit.  She send me a message asking what the fuck was wrong with me and instructed me to take it down. Or. Else.  Apparently the caption that read "Worst Halloween Costume... Ever" really pissed her off as she was proud of that picture and actually thought she looked good.  But that is the thing about good taste and class - not everyone has it!

The queen was rude, as she normally is, and then she showed her true colors.  She again started accusing me of hacking her Facebook account and then proceeded to make a meme of me comparing me to a dog’s offspring and wrote, amongst other derogatory things, that I was “a disgrace to human kind”.  Personally, I felt she was being childish and that she was/is mentally unstable.  I decided not to involve myself with this drag queen’s rants who clearly was going off her rocker.  I decided not to delete the picture, nor did I ask her to delete the meme she made of me.  I thought that if it made her feel better to slander me then so be it and I left it at that.  At the end of the day Facebook removed both pictures.
Over the weekend I learned that this drag queen decided to publish an article on her Facebook group stating her side of the story.  Delusional as she is, she wrote that everything contained in this blog post are lies.  She also accused me of being a cyber bully and obviously did not want me to see the article.  Unfortunately for her, one of my readers emailed me the article and I had a few giggles when I read it.  But I saw it for what it was and decided it is not worth my time or my readers time to again get involved in a "he said, she said" fiasco and gay melodrama. 

The drag queen is still slandering me on her social media, like I really give a shit what she thinks of me.  There is much to say about class and dealing with things in a mature manner which in her case leaves much to be desired.  She seems to be desperate and somewhat of a megalomaniac as such this queen made it onto my shit list.  “Why can’t the gays not just get along?” I hear desperately echoing from Gay HQ.  Well, I guess we cannot get along with everybody, now can we.

Till next time.

(*Disclaimer:  No drag queens were actually harmed during the writing of this blogs post.  However, a few egos were bruised)


Gee Gee Curtained said...

Great post!! Disgusting behaviour, isn't it? And might I add that I was just as appalled after my 'interview' when I saw said queen had added a lot of things about her I never said. What a poser.

Pierre le Roux said...

I agree. Let's hope this is now the end of all this childish bullshit. I am turning 30 this year. FFS!

Anonymous said...

That's typical of the'wannbe' drag culture. Its a shame that these self proclaimed men in dresses think they are the cats whiskersand that it's theirs 'right' to bitch snd pull down other people
I was approached by this person to do an interview. But long before this happened I already decided not to.
Im not going to be put on a pedestal and tolf im a diva or living legend of the gay scene. . .Sorry people. .self praise is no praise. .
People know who I am and what I've done and achieved in the gay community. .....people judge by your actions what you project in life. ....and that is enough praise for me thank you. Xxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

I am gay and have nothing against any person whether LGBTI or not. But this said person is a total embarassment to the human race let alone drag queens or gays. This person is in serious need of psychological help. This person sends inbox messages slandering other people and then when they are published she vehemintly denies that its "her" and then says the "publisher" ficticously created the page/persona and made the convo just to slander "her" ... Seriously?? How the hell do you type a conversation from two accounts on the same computer? This person SERIOUSLY needs to be committed!

David Smit said...

I know of whom you speak. And ALL I can say is I agree with your assessment entirely! Go Pierre!

Pierre le Roux said...

David, well after the experience I had with him all I can say is that he is one delusional and seriously flawed person. It must be nice to live in a fantasy world like him. But the problem is that it is just that - a fantasy.

Jessica said...

Check out this Tumblr it is ROFL funny

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