Tuesday, July 26, 2011

10 Things I bet you never knew about me.

OK, so this is my second 10 things about me. This is the onion which is my life of which there are many layers.  Now I am peeling away some layers for your reading pleasure.
So here goes…
10.) I am frightened off the McDonalds Clown because he looks like a sex-offender. Sure he doesn’t really resemble John Wayne Gacy who raped and killed 33 teenage boys, but he freaks me out and sends shivers down my spine regardless.

9.) I am obsessed with Survivor and have watched every episode of every season ever made. I so would kick ass in the competition because I don’t get emotional and/or irrational when starved, I can be devious and manipulative and would do anything to win a million dollars.

8.) In my live I have been in four car accidents of which I only caused one. I also managed to reverse into the same tree twice on the same day because I was looking at a hot guy. But despite all of this I really am a very good driver!

7.) I have had sex with a woman once. And no I don’t want to talk about it. Suffice to say I didn’t like it and never did it again, nor do I plan to.

6.) I was a Spy once. I can admit to it now because I don’t plan on pursuing a career in espionage ever again. Consequently, I am really good at keeping important secrets - my lips are still proverbially sealed.

5.) I can curse and frequently do in three different languages - Afrikaans, English and French. Although the language in which curse words and phrases rolls off the tongue the prettiest is in Afrikaans.

4.) I judge people with dirty finger nails, I just can’t help it! If they can walk around with all that dirt under their nails, just imagine how dirty they are on other parts of their bodies that you can’t see!

3.) I have been in prison. I have seen the inside of five maximum security prisons not as an inmate but due to the fact that my father worked as a correctional officer and due to my studies and work.

2.) My handwriting is atrocious. Having grown up in the computer age I have slowly lost the skill to write anything legibly. So whenever I need to complete any forms by hand it is a struggle to say the least.

1.) I am actually really good at sports. I know it comes as a surprise to you but it is true. The problem is that I don’t like team sports because I don’t play well with other. Hence, I do not readily participate.

Till next time.


Anonymous said...

I think your work is fabulous. Keep it going and keep up the good work.

Michael Anthony Snaith

Pierre said...

Thanks Michael.

Blogger said...

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