Monday, May 31, 2010

Going where no man has gone before

This past Friday I attended a drag show aptly titled Quantum Mince. Pumped, plucked and full of parody Quantum Mince documents Lilly Slapsilli and Kieron Legacy’s epic journey back from Minceonia to planet earth. After 40 years frozen in an isolation tank on their spaceship the Minceonator they are awakened; as they thaw, after freezing their tits off, they are updated on the past years happenings. Strange earthlings we know as stars are introduced to the Diva Astronaut to the great amusement of the audience.
As all drag shows go the show started forty five minutes late, which is no surprise as gays can never get any drag show, gay pageant, fashion show or parade started on time. Being delayed hubby and I had a couple of drinks and did some people watching before settling into our seats and patiently waited to be wowed. The show started with an impressive multimedia video with animation, cool graphics and humour that was to set the tone for the rest of the show. With the opening number it soon became clear that Lilly Slapsilli was not the sharpest tool in the shed and she would be the main source of comedic relieve. The introduction of both characters was a fine touch and had the audience immediately buying into the show. The fact that they told us that we were the most attractive audience they had to date also didn’t do any harm, but being the aliens they are I am sure they say that in every galaxy.
Lilly Slapsilli and Kieron Legacy were hilarious in their opening number. Lilly’s girlish obsessive crush on Mr Spock had the audience in stitches to the point that I also had fleeting erotic thoughts of Mr Spock’s pointy little ears. In between a plethora of wardrobe changes we were further amused by video inserts jam packed with quirky comedy sketches and humorous references appealing to all the sci-fi geeks out there. I especially loved the reference to Sigourney Weaver not having made it due to her alien infestation.

It must be difficult to come up with creative ideas for any drag show, as most drag shows seem to be a virtual washing machine of recycled ideas. Mince did an excellent job in this department. Apart from incorporating well thought out songs into their show with the perfect accompanying wardrobe, their inventive use of multimedia and their subtle use of props was all very refreshing. Who would have thought incorporating dancing ponytails could add so much humour to a normally lacklustre yodelling act. Some of the props they used were very well hidden and had me speculate how and where the glitter, bridal bouquet, microphones and many more oddities were stashed, shoved or strapped. It’s astounding how many things a drag queen can hide underneath her frock, so outer space customs officials beware.
Just before the intermission the duo did a stand up comedy bit, which was by far my favourite part of the show. With fast wit and sharp tongues they laid into the audience. I even learned something new– they reason lesbians have short finger nails (quite self explanatory now that I think about it). It was hilarious. As the stand up bit came to an end, my stomach muscles was near collapse as I haven’t been in a gym in ages and all the laughing was just too much exercise for my once six pack gut to bear.

As the second part of the show started I must say I was perturbed by the one act of Kieron Legacy. At one point her/his left testicle was on the verge of making an unwanted guest appearance. Every time a high kick was done or an open legged squat was preformed Kieron’s scrotum was revealed more and more and I was bracing myself for the exposing of “the ball”. I was unfortunate enough to be a member of an audience where such an incident occurred once before and the performer finished her song, one testicle hanging out unbeknown to the drag artist – it was all very traumatising! Thank goodness this didn’t happen here. As the show winded down, I can honestly say it was quite an experience. The ending was a slight anti-climax but it sure was worth the ride on the Minceonator. The show was a professional production with no technical glitches and both performers hit each mark with flawless perfection and perfect comedic timing; Mince has formulated a winning recipe that will keep audiences entertained for many years to come.
Having seen many drag shows before, I can honestly say Mince and their show is a quantum leap ahead of all the other acts. Should this drag act be in your town I highly recommend taking the time to go say hallo and be entertained by Lilly Slapsilli and Kieron Legacy. One piece of advice: As goes for strip shows, if you are easily embarrassed best to avoid the front row; you will be teased, tantalized and taken the piss out off – all in good fun and good taste of course.
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