Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Sex, or at least the hint thereof, sells

Every so often I come across some advertisements that clearly are marketed towards the gay market.  After all we do have all those disposable pink money that are burning holes in our pockets.  Sometimes the advertisers hit the nail on the head and other times not so much.  Here are two that I have seen recently that did a pretty good job.  Enjoy...

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Anonymous said...

Targeting the Pink Pound in advertising perpetuates the Pink Ideology, and the Pink ideology and being alone, go hand in hand. The pitfall of identifying to much with your sexuality is that inevitably there is an uneven emphasis on those aspects of your life that are directly involved with it. If you are the “gay guy”, spend an inordinate amount of time developing that persona, as most gay men do, the funny guy saying cheeky things, pashing all the pretty gay boys and most of the hot straight boys to, your hag at your side thinking you’re pretty cute, that’s who you become. This is why most of the guys we don’t think are attractive are in relationships, and most of the attractive guys are single. What they have not learned is that you’re gay, sure but aren’t you also into indie folk, would rather catch Miss Texas 1977 or listen to the Antlers & Bright eyes, watch Treme or Andrew Haig’s film Weekend read Charles Bukowski and enjoy it, prefer white wine and going to bed at 10.30pm. You think a guys attractive when he looks at you when you speak, or has a Free Tibet t-shirt on. All the emphasis on physical attractiveness has had a high cost, and because that is all that is focused on mostly that’s all you get. “ LA is a town where everyone dances with one eye on the door in case someone better looking comes in” so if all you are looking for is a caprice, and that’s what you find devoid of any further development except the Gay identity its sore consolation and empty comfort that he’s good looking – a good looking asshole given time becomes just an asshole. So you go, or you age and can no longer get the attention of the hot boys – either way you are alone. I’m more than just gay, and in the vipers nest of dating and the prejudice amongst gay men toward each other, thinking about what your establishing as a pattern might be a necessity. But mostly identifying with the Pink ideology establishes a platform for prejudice within the gay community fats, fems, queens, olds and ugly guys so often told not to contact Mr. X on Gaydar, who seem to be the victims really are the beneficiaries of this philosophy as usually they escape the dicks. A warning to the pretty boys, age gets all of us your time is coming.

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