Tuesday, November 13, 2012


Genocide is still occurring in the world, and another one is pending!
On October 14, 2009, a so-called "Anti-Homosexuality Bill" was introduced in Uganda's parliament.

This bill would:
  • Imprison for life anyone convicted of "the offense of homosexuality";

  • Punish "aggravated homosexuality" – including repeat offenders, or anyone who is HIV positive and has gay sex – with the Death Penalty;

  • Forbid the "promotion of homosexuality," and jail rights defenders who work on LGBT rights;

  • Imprison anyone for up to three years if they fail to report within 24 hours anyone they know who is lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender, or who supports their human rights.
This Bill is nothing but a vehicle that will be used to legalize targeted killings.

Please STOP this pending Genocide and get involved. Contact representatives of your government and demand action are taken to prevent this potential tragedy!

But like they say a pictures speaks a thousand words


Soph said...

That is outrageous.. Like you were saying, a prime example of where a right is denied. Everyone should have the right to love. I couldn't watch the video because I would probably burst in to tears.

Pierre said...

Soph, it is outrageous to say the least! Even more disturbing is the fact that the world does not want to seem to get involved.

I received a comment on Facebook saying that the Ugandan President said this "Bill" will not be passed, yet I am receiving conflicting information from other sources.

This might just be a repeat of yet another Rwanda & Darfur!

ChrisJ said...

There is a lot on US mainstream TV right now about this, at least on one popular show - The Rachel Maddow Show.

Maddow - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/

is the first openly lesbian anchor of a primetime show; she is "outing" the connections between a US outfit called "The Family" that is a group of power-mongering right wing nuts (many of whom are in congress and senate in the US - powerful guys - all guys). Some of these scary nuts have seriously meddled in Uganda, even "coaching" them with pop-psychology to overcome gayness!!. They have deep money ties to Ugandan gov't, have contributed lots to anti-HIV campaigns but only if Ugandan gov't pushes only abstinence and never condom usage.

She has something almost every show - keeping the heat on, and her influence has forced at least one senator to say publically that Uganda should stop the bill.

Aside - I love her show, so intelligent; here's the link - http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/26315908/

Pierre said...

ChrisJ, I am glad there is mainstream media coverage about this issue in the USA. In South Africa very little about this issue is covered in our media, which is a pity.

"The Family", sounds like a nasty bunch of hate/power mongers and I find it difficult to understand what their true motive maybe. It can't just be "financial" and "moral".

I am glad that Rachel Maddow is speaking out and keeping the pressure on. I hope more will follow her example.

Soph said...

I once read a book about he rwandan genocide. It was a personal account from a young girl. It was increadibly sad to read, but a real eye opener. It certainly made me appreciate what I have. If you would like I can give you the author and title?

angelshair said...

This makes me so sad and ashamed :(...

Pierre said...

@ Soph, please do give the title and author. It would be a interesting book to read.

@ angelshair, it does. What makes it worse it's happening on my continent and my own country refuses to do anything about it!

Jason Shaw said...

We have to stand fast in our condemnation of these crimes against the very humanity of life.

Pierre said...

Jason, I agree. Make our voices heard before those for whom we fight are eternally silenced!

nothingprofound said...

Monstrous! It's so disheartening that this sort of ignorance and intentional cruelty still exists in the 21st century.

Pierre said...

nothingprofound, it's quite upsetting. But what really enrages me is the fact that not enough is done to stop this from happening.

According to their bill, if I would to ever enter Uganda I will be arrested due to my blog and receive a sentence of 7 years in prison for promoting homosexuality. If they learn that I am married to a man that sentence will be increased to a life sentence.

Furthermore, you could be placed on a unwanted person's list, being barred from entering that country altogether.

Soph said...

The book was called 'Over a thousand hills I walk with you' It was by Hanna Jansen. It was a very sad book, but definatly worth a read.

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