Saturday, November 17, 2012

Meet Gayburg

Meet Gayburg was created to fill a niche within the South African social scene with the hope to expand social circles and break down barriers.  The partnership between owners Suzette Leal and Lawson Ricketts was formed over Sunday lunch in Hyde Park.  Suzette explained the Meet Joburg (a previously developed company) concept and Lawson immediately recognized the need for such a platform within the South African gay community.  Both owners have lived abroad (London, New York, & Amsterdam) and witnessed similar popular social and business concepts and felt that cities in South Africa would benefit from the positive connections created.  Thus began the beginnings of Meet Gayburg…and coming soon Meet Gay Town! 
Meet Gayburg is an online platform AND a real world network with monthly events in sexy locations where you can talk business, make contacts and meet friends. Our members are a mixed bunch of professionals including some of the country’s most successful businessmen, authors, designers, actors, lawyers, teachers and politicians. We don't restrict the definition of 'professional' to these, however, and you are welcome to join us whatever your current position. Some of us don't even own a suit! 
Events are structured around four pillars of interest:  arts & culture, dining & restaurants, adventure and sport.
It’s free to apply and applicants will keep receiving invitations until there is one that really tickles their fancy. All applicants can attend their first event, obligation free. Should they enjoy this experience, they can sign up to become a member and this will guarantee them two invitations to tailor made events per month. Members pay R1200 for a year’s membership and R180-R350 for each event.
Meet Gayburg is hosting a launch event on 17 November where they encourage the LGBT community to “Become an IN-MATE!” - Join Meet Gayburg and hostess Mary Scary as we celebrate our launch in an old prison complex!
To receive an invite to the launch event, visit the Meet Gayburg website and 'apply now' to become a member. This will provide an invitation to the event and notifications for upcoming events.

It’s time to OUTsource your social life and join the Meet Gayburg pink scene!
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