Sunday, December 5, 2010

Our House Got Faggier!

This is our newest addition to our family.  My husbands' obsession with bunnies have reached a new level!


Clueless said...

I don't care for bunnies, but I do have a vast sea otter collection. In terms of collecting, this bunny is fabulous and quite a find.

Take a look at my blog today. I posted twice and the second one is entitled, "the 12 gays of Christmas." The splits look painful and amazing.

Pierre said...

Clueless, I will go check it out. But sea otters, Clueless, really?

Clueless said...

Yes,yes,yes sea otters for about 35 years. The two links are to pictures of the ultimate addition to my raft of otters!!! and (need to scroll down)

thatpurpleone said...

For Father's Day this year, I got my step-dad a Lindt chocolate bunny!
It was beautiful(ly tasty!).

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