Friday, August 13, 2010

Fabulous Queen of the Month Award

I have decided, starting today, to award a Fabulous Queen of the Month Award.  This award will go to any person (homosexual, heterosexual, in-between, or confused) who have made us Queers proud, smile or made to feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

Without further ado August's Fabulous Queen of the Month Award goes to

Steven Slater! 


Anonymous said...

Pierre, can I suggest that rather than an overseas crisis fairy, you honor the guys who have caused a storm at Stellenbosch University by kissing and being on the front page of Die Matie.His name is Bjohn Czepan and why two men kissing is so “horrifying” is hard to comprehend. EWN article says that Stellenbosch is a conservative Afrikaans campus (read redneck, hillbilly, inbreed or perhaps just assholes?). Our right to equality is protected by the constitution, yet I rarely see gay men display affection or kiss in public, with friends at the Killers concert they were too scared to hold hands or kiss? Do you hold your husband’s hand or kiss in public? I have to watch breeders pawing at each other all the time.

Here’s the link for the horrifying sight of two men kissing.

Colin Mckenzie

Pierre said...

Colin Mckenzie, we live in a society where it's far more "acceptable" for two woman to kiss in public than it is for two guys.

I commend Bjohn Czepan, Annaleez Kloppers and her editorial team for publishing the photo. So what if it upset some small minded people, this is why a "gay kiss" on television caused such a stir many years ago but now it's more frequently seen.

I didn't know about this drama, thanks for informing me.

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