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God Hates Fags and now Hackers Too?

A recent article published on Queerty titled "Westboro Responds To Anonymous: God Hates Fags, And Hackers Now Too!" reminded me of this article I wrote about this psychotic bunch of inbreds.  Seeing as I am going in for my operation this week and consequently won't be of much use in front of the computer I decided to republish it.  There are some truly crazy people out there in the world, but the Phelps Family takes the cherry on top of the crazy cake!
The Westboro Baptist Church (WBC) and their official website have been known to me for some time. It wasn’t until recently that their website and the hatred they preach awakened the activist in me. I decided to send them a message through their website and their response was reflective of their delusional and fanatical rhetoric which I found shocking as they clearly have lost the plot. After doing some research on the Church and their leader Fred Phelps, I was left wondering why anti-gay propaganda and violence inspiring hate speech are still allowed in the USA and for that matter anywhere else in the world.
Fred Phelps and his family have been running their “Church” since 1955. Both Fred and the rest of his family have quite a dodgy past with several criminal charges filed against them. Their church consists of approximately 71 members with 80% of the members being the Phelps family. They have taken it upon themselves to preach the “Word of God” to the world and according to them everyone is going to hell! God hates everyone including several countries but especially “Faggots” and “Fag-Enablers” (people who support homosexuals). They favour the word “Faggot” over the word “Gay” and have a long explanation on their website on this issue. They also come armed with several bible texts to support their claim. They also picket military funerals, funerals of people who have died of AIDS or gay bashings and religious event of Jews and Muslims. At all these events they carry signs reading God Hates Fags, Death Penalty for Fags, Your Son’s in Hell, God Hates America, Thank God for 9/11 and I could go on. After reading some of the tripe written on their website, I must admit I did look out my window searching for rain clouds as I was sure God was going to strike me dead with lightning because, according to them, I am such an abomination and sinner and God really hates me and his wrath could befall me any second!
The most entertaining of the bunch is Shirley Phelps-Roper who is the official spokes person for their loony family church. Watching interviews with her she displays a distinct lack of fashion, fear of hair product and make-up – maybe God hates cosmetic products as well. She looks as frightening as the words she spits from her mouth. She speaks with conviction of how God hates everybody and I also noticed she likes using the words “missy” and “bimbo” quite frequently in interviews. This makes her sound like the bible study teacher from hell! Looking like a scary witch I would love to see her go one-on-one with a Drag Queen discussion the issue of sodomy. I can just picture the head bobbing, finger waving and hilarious statements, references and rebuttals; I would pay good money to be a spectator as someone definitely will physically get hurt by the Old Testament.
The next generation of the Phelps family is just as scary and crazy. They too have the Paris and Nicky Hiltons in the Phelps family. The 2 blonds (whose names I will not mention) most certainly isn’t very bright and their education stems mostly from their cult like family upbringing. They disguise their festering hatred towards everything Non-Phelps behind peroxide, makeup and cute Hilton inspired outfits – maybe they should give Aunt Shirley some fashion and beauty tips if God allows it. The frightening things is Fred Phelps is turning 90, admittedly he will not live very long but his legacy and preaching of hatred will continue through his indoctrinated off spring. His voice will still be heard from beyond the grave whether he’s in heaven or in hell. According to him hell is going to be very congested so if he ends up there I hope he made reservations.

I firmly believe that all people should have freedom of speech but the line can easily be crossed as we have seen so many times before. Clearly, in my opinion, the WBC and the Phelps family are raping their freedom of speech and they are spreading hate speech. They are specifically targeting the homosexual community and innocent people who do not deserve to be disrespected at their own funerals. The Phelps family is causing harm and emotional distress to people who have done nothing wrong and they should be stopped. The United Kingdom is one country, I am aware off, that has banned the Phelps family from entering it. At least their citizens are safe until they go on the Internet.

If what the Phelps family and the WBC are saying is true we are all condemned to hell, and now hackers are too and most countries are doomed. Hell will be bursting from it seems with all the Homosexuals, Jews, Muslims, Black People, Soldiers and the list goes on. Not being partial to excessively warm temperatures and with no bursting desire to meet Lucifer I would prefer to stay out of hell. In the real world where people talk sense, are rational and can distinguish between right and wrong, I will do whatever I can to help the fight against the WBC and the Phelps family. I will fully support people and groups who protest against their delusional cult like tactic, tripe they spew and lies they spread. I hope you join me in this endeavour. It only takes one person to make a difference, let that one person be you!
Till next time!

Shirley Phelps-Roper on Fox News


Clarissa said...

These people are disgusting! It shocks me to think that such hatred, ignorance and stupidity can still exist in the world. Thank you for a great and informative post. It's important that we bring to light exactly who these crazies are.

Pierre said...

Thanks Clarissa, it truly is shocking that there are people like that in world, and that they are allowed to spread hatred in the manner they are. It's time that we stand up to people like that, don't you think?

Drea said...

I don't know what to say. Those people are truly nutty! :(

Witch Baby said...

They're hatred is horrendous.

They protest just about everything and it is really painful when a friend of yours comes back from war in a box and these morons are at his funeral screaming God Hated Your Son! & Good Riddance!.

They have been banned from several "events" - both in the mainstream & alternative arena, but unfortunatly if you allow freedom of speech - it must truly be for everyone. And even though God Hates the USA they have the freedom to talk smack because people like my friend died to give them that right.

Pierre said...

Witch Baby, freedom of speech is truly tricky because where do you draw the line between freedom of speech and hate speech?

If through their actions and what they say they are causing harm to others or incite violence towards groups of people, surely they are crossing the line and it becomes hate speech?

Rambler said...

I have read about your campaign with interest Pierre, and while I believe in standing up against hatred, I'm sorry to say I'm not 100% with you on this one...

I've known about the site for a while and seen a few of Shirley's spewings on TV, and I think they're best ignored. They are attention seeking zealots who thrive on any attention they can get.

Their church was bombed and they firmly believe that the Iraqi War is God's vengeance on this act against them. Any attack is seen as an attack by their enemy ("satan") and will be met with more zeal and further vengeance by "god".

They even believe they can now protest outside the funerals of soldiers killed in Iraq because of this, and call Obama the beast for his recent proclomation of June as GLBT month.

I think they're delighted by response... whether positive or negative... and I think that sending people to their site and increasing their hits is exactly what they want.

In addition, saying that they're offending people in the bottom of Africa is probably more exciting to them - they're after as much attention as they can get to sow their seeds of hate...

I think the best way to deal with them is to ignore them... their church has only grown to 100 because most of them are his family... I think letting more people know the junk they speak is adding to their agenda...

Pierre said...

Rambler, your are not alone on your stance on this issue many people feel that it's best to just ignore them. So I guess on this one we would have to agree to disagree.

I firmly believe that even though are attention seeking zealots as you say, we can't just stand idly by and allow them to continue with their actions without some form of resistance. If the resistance gives them their much wanted attention so be it. But they should be aware that the people that believe that they and what they are doing is wrong far out number their church and following.

They have been described as the most hated family in the USA, and I think we can all see why. I just find it astounding that they still are allowed to continue doing what they are doing.

Frank J said...

Where does one begin?

I confess, I had to go see what all the fuss is about. And I have to say - my initial reaction was these guys envelop themselves with and are consumed by hatred!!

What I find interesting though is the discussion around hate speech. Whilst it is certainly infuriating and offensive, the thrust of their of their vitriolic ministry does not fall outside of the bounds of Freedom of Speech as definied in the US constitution.

However, in this country and in many others around the world, the content of their 'ministry' MAY fall within the definition of Hate Speech.

So, whilst I applaud your campaign Pierre, I believe that until the US constitution is ammended, it essentially will fall on deaf ears - particualrly as it comes from a small segement of a tiny little country at the bottom of Africa.

I hope you and all others spurred to action will consider this alaternative in favour of an essentially fruitless campaign. Would it not be more successful to speak to a local audience with a South African agenda??

I propose that a campaign to petition the BCSA or SAHRC to bar access from all SA based browsers (192. I.P addresses) to all their web-sites is started.

Should it be successful, would it not be a victory for ALL South Africans? Would it not be great to hear on our local news channels that you (and all who join you) have used SA Constitution to strike an arrow into the heart of a hateful 'ministry'?

And all going well, the WBC won't even be aware of it either, because as Rambler rightly points out, attention for this tiny little church is what they crave - more than we can imagine!

Let me know what you think...

Pierre said...

That sounds like a great idea Frank J, if we can only make a small difference it would be a victory!

Simply-Mel said...

Great suggestion from Frank.

As a mom, my heart breaks to see those 2 little boys being indoctrinated into a life of hatred. This is how it begins. And its not even their fault - bloody child abuse!

I refuse to go to their site but I see your point and Clive's.

I just fail to see how a family like this can continue to garner support in 2009?

Wierdness is....

Pierre said...

Simply-Mel I agree that it is unfair and boarders on child abuse to indoctrinate their children into seeing the world through their hateful eyes.

Frank I have followed your suggestion and requested a couple of GLBT activist groups to assist in writing to the SAHRC, also made request on Facebook for concerned South Africans to send their complaints in.

I suspect SAHRC will receive a couple of e-mails, whether they will act on it is another story.

shanaz AL said...

Those are really delusional people. Sometimes they exist and they just keep on existing! It is like they just simply can't or won't change their minds about their fixed beliefs.

I often wonder what keeps them so proud of having such beliefs and views about the world around them that they continue to pass on the same twisted righteousness to the next generation of their family.

I hope those two young Phelps will change their minds once they grow older.

Shanaz AL

Pierre said...

shanaz AL

I also wonder what keeps them going, is it that they truly believe in the things they stand for or is it the hate that drives them.

As for the Phelps children and grandchildren, I strongly doubt that most of them will change their minds. They are raised in a cult like family and from a very young age they are indoctrinated into the family''s believe systems. They are effectively being brain washed (I believe). We can only hope that a few of them will break away!

Pierre said...

An official complaint against the Phelps website was submitted to the South African Human Rights Commission (SAHRC), and conformation of receipt of the complaint was received today.

I also requested other concerned South Africans and gay activist groups to submit similar complaints. So if we can't have the website shut down in the USA, at least we can try and get it barred in South Africa.

Let's wait and see what the SAHRC will do. This will pose an interesting challenge for them and will be very insightful to see what they are going to do! As gay rights and homophobia as hate speech does not always feature high on their priority list.

Written said...

Yes I do hope that at least a few will break away from those distorted beliefs.

Pierre, I really respect what you are doing! I love your spirit!

Frank J said...


If there's nothing forthcoming from the SAHRC since international hate speech may fall out of their jusrisdiction, maybe we should consult the folks at the FBP (Films and Publicatins board).

Either way Pieere, if you would post the mail addresses that have been sent to, the rest of us can send mails off to the same place and get this done.


Anonymous said...

Your site has won a Blog of the Day Award (BOTDA)

Your award will go live sometime on June 20, 2009

Award Code

Thank you,

Bill Austin

Pierre said...

Thanks for letting me know Bill, it's great news!

Pierre said...

Frank J

Here is the request that I have posted on the Facebook protest event, the e-mail addresses are included



Seeing as little seems to be able to be done to have their website removed in the USA, in South Africa under our Constitution the website and its contents can be construed as Hate Speech.

Therefor it is requested that all South African GLBT community members as well as other concerned South Africans write to the South African Human Rights Commission (SAHRC) to have the website barred access from all South African based web browsers.

All you have to do is send an e-mail to the following e-mail addresses, provide them with the website url (, explain that the website is offensive and considered to be Hate Speech and that we demand it be barred from South Africa.

You can send your e-mails to:


Jay said...

As somebody who lives in Topeka...let me explain why he is "allowed" to do his thing. Phelps, as disgusting as he is, has probably done more to enlighten people about hatred and discrimination against gay people than any other person or organization. Phelps has his bigotry and insanity right out there in the open for all to see. We see it, we recoil, we think....we are forced to confront it rather than pretend there is no problem.

Pushing him into the closet, so to speak, would be a mistake.

Pierre said...

Hi Jay

Thank you for your comment and giving us your perspective. I do see your point and agree with you, they are doing a great job at making people aware of gay rights through their blatant homophobia.

In reality I do not realistically think that South Africa will ban their website - to my knowledge this has never been done or requested before. But the mere fact complaints were send to the SAHRC will spur some interesting debate on this issue and challenge current views and laws in South Africa.

My 1 month e-mail protest on their website is in in honor of GLBT month in the USA, and also to really irritate them, and burden their website. I do not think the WBC will be silenced any time soon, but we sure can try and make life difficult for them.

Fr. Marty Kurylowicz said...

Hi Pierre,
This is so hard to believe the kind of hate that is in the world that is unfounded. It is hard to read about this hatred, but it is imporatnt to do so. Because it helps, at least people like myself to realize the amount of work the needs to be done to counteract this hatred. I do hold the Vatican accountable for indirectly stirring up this kind of hatred against innocent people. You do write very well. Always, the best to you, Marty

Pierre said...

Thanks Marty

It is shocking, but we will never completely get rid of intolerance and hatred. The best we can do is fight it where we can and choose our battles with care

Jeremy Janson said...

Actually the Westboro folks probably aren't that inbred. One of the ways these psychotic ministries gain power in the South is by offering something clean and civilized to an otherwise wild and ruthless culture. That's why people like them, they get their lives in order and so they remain loyal to them. It never occurs to these folks that they can get their own lives in order without being threatened with hellfire.

Pierre said...

@Jeremy Janson, it is a sad state of affairs. Don't these people know that they can achieve the same or even better results in psychotherapy? Sure it would be slightly more expensive but it sure would be so much better for their souls. I hope the Anonymous group brings down the God Hates Fags website, and then go after their Twitter accounts! Yes, you read right they are now on Twitter too!

Phunk Factor said...

A true bunch of was horrifying to see how the spokeswoman words were going to a complete waste on Shirley!!

And yea...i TOO would like to see her be pitted against a drag queen! I would totally pay to see that! :D

Ashley said...

As hateful and disgusting as the WBC is, I think their existence is actually helping to spread our message of tolerance because of the backlash that the WBC creates with every protest.
But we have to be careful not to generalize all Christians or all people from rural America with the WBC.
In America, and in many other countries in the world, I think, one of our most protected values is freedom of speech. I can understand death threats being censored, but I don't think the WBC should be censored, because, well, they do have the right to say these bigoted things.
Overall though, I think the existence of the WBC is hurting their "cause". Nothing brings people together quite like a common enemy--in this case, the WBC and hatred.

Pierre said...

@Phunk Factor, they thrive on the attention, some attention from a drag queen's stiletto seems needed.

@Ashley, I believe you maybe right!

Pierre said...

"Anonymous has claimed the Westboro Baptist Church, the extremist group known for picketing funerals, posted an open letter against their church under Anonymous' banner as a publicity stunt."

Interesting, not only are the bunch of the WBC insane, they're also lying attention seeking media whores.

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