Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Same Sex Attraction Disorder

There are a couple of things in life that makes my blood boil, one of which being bigoted self hating homosexuals. It recently came to my attention that an American group calling themselves The International Healing Foundation (IHF) have set up roots in South Africa and their mission is to recruit and convert gay men, woman and children into “healthy heterosexuals”. As if that is not enough they were also audacious as to contact GLBT organizations to build so-called “bridges of cooperation” (Queer suicide if you ask me). I am here to warn you, and ask you to spread the word about the evil ways of the IHF, save your gay souls and empower you to embrace the dreaded affliction that is Same Sex Attraction Disorder (SSAD).
The IHF was founded by Richard Cohen, a psychotherapist who was kicked off the American Counselling Association in 2002 and proclaims to be able to cure people of homosexuality with the aid of some truly bizarre “healing” methods. This organization employs so-called “Sexual Reorientation Counsellors” none of whom are professionally trained mental health professionals. Furthermore the IHF made up a bogus disorder which they call Same Sex Attraction Disorder (SSAD); a disorder that is not recognized by the American Psychiatric Association or scientifically and empirically proven to exist or to be valid. Lest I remind you that the Homosexuality diagnoses was entirely removed during 1986 from the DSM as is not considered a mental illness. But the nut jobs of the IHF don’t care, their Re-Closeted Sexual Reorientation Counsellors want to service you and molest your minds.

The self hating fags of the IHF developed a four phase treatment method that will cure any person who is suffering from “unwanted same sex attraction”. If you stick to their programme, much like the 12 Step Program of the AA, you will be cured. Just ask Harry, a success story published on their South African website. Harry blames his screwed up childhood, his parents’ divorce and doing drugs for his affliction with the dreaded SSAD. The ex-queer went through the program and claims his life now finally has meaning. He hesitantly admits that he isn’t completely cured and he has some good days (I suspect it would be a day not thinking of dick) and some bad days (probably the days he craves dick) but he’s staying the course. Harry the homo heterosexual now even has a girlfriend who in his own words “may or may not be THE ONE”. Well good for you Harry the straight gay, I hope you make it to your 3 year hetero anniversary badge and stay clear of penis and testicles that are not your own.
One of the treatments used by the IHF is beating the hell out of a pillow with a tennis racket while screaming your father’s name. I suspect this is both a treatment and a test, as no self respecting homosexual will beat their expensive scatter cushions with a tennis racket. Clearly the premise of their theory about SSAD is that almost all homosexuals have daddy issues, the kind of issues that can only be resolved by inflicting senseless violence on expensive decor. Doesn’t this sound more like a gay old temper tantrum rather than psychotherapy to you? I suspect the lesbians out there may want to substitute the tennis racket with a crowbar and the pillow with a metal case as we all know how gays and lesbians differ when it comes to tantrums. But no the IHF proclaims their treatment is the same and can help both men and women.

What really pains me about the activities of the ill-informed, delusional and self-deprecating sods of the IHF is the fact that they are not helping queer folk they are effectively destroying their lives. They are advocating living a lie, depriving yourself of happiness and mental self-chastising. People who already are experiencing trouble coming to terms with their sexual orientation or gender identity are actively sought by these opportunists, then bit by bit fed lies and brainwashed slowly being malformed into speck of the person they use to be or have potential to become. And all of this, once again, is done in the name of God and religion – shame on you IHF!
I find it preposterous and enraging that these charlatans have the impudence to even think that anyone from the GLBT community would voluntarily deliver any of our brothers and sisters to them to be broken or even destroyed. It’s like Hitler asking the Jews to come to dinner promosing to serve pork! IHF you can kiss my gay ass and suck it! Richard Cohen, AndrĂ© Bekker and all the homo confused idiots of the International Healing Foundation and Change Is Possible I pity you. If you want to destroy your own lives by all means go ahead but leave those who still have a change to be happy and have full meaningful lives alone, or their blood will be on your hands. Like the blood of all the gay teenagers who committed suicide due to people like you spreading your blatant lies and perpetuating homophobia and intolerance.

During January of this year the Head former faggot Richard Cohen wrote to the Ugandan Legislature “apposing” Uganda’s Gay Genocide Bill. Again in his letter to them he purports to be a practising psychotherapist, which we all know is a lie. In his letter he attempted to sell or rather advocate the services of the IHF to Uganda, explaining his own journey from queerness to “heterosexuality”. Clearly Miss Richard Cohen didn’t understand the political dynamics of Uganda or what the Genocide Bill entails and in his ignorance in all probability worsened the plight of GLBT Ugandans. Cohen – they don’t want to cure homosexuals they want to kill us, whether you are an ex-homosexual or not they DON’T CARE! Clearly Cohen and his gay tendency fighting crownies are determined to get a foodhold outside America, but I promise you this IHF, the gays are watching and we will not allow this – you are a traitor and an embarrasment to the global GLBT community!
All my Same Sex Attraction Disorder readers out there consider yourself warned. The IHF is alive and well and spreading like a crab infestation in the pubes of patches of ignorant society. Sure, not many people take nut jobs like Cohen and his merry band of hetro homo freaks seriously but there are people who make for easy prey and it is these people we should protect. So let’s fight back by living our gay lives loud and proud and continue to be fagelisious! I don’t know about you but I am a gay old homo and perfectly happy just the way I am!

Till next time.

Fuck You International Healing Foundation and Change Is Possible!


a. l. f. said...

wow. you pretty much said it all. it makes me sad that there are organizations so driven to make people feel ashamed of themselves enough to hide who they are. I've experienced it in smaller quantities, in different ways, the shame over something not shameful that makes you pretend to be someone you're not. it's maddening really :/

Pierre said...

a. l. f. I agree and this is why I was so pissed off when I read these people's e-mail to GLBT organizations in South Africa.

DemandEquality1868 said...

they have a free bully pulpit on Facebook to beg for blood money & incite violence against LGBT people

Pierre said...

DemandEquality1868, several people have reported their Facebook as hate speech already.

nothingprofound said...

How about MZD-missionary zeal disorder? Why can't people leave other people alone?

Anonymous said...

With so much hurt and pain that many GLBS people had to endure and in so many cases been treated as outcasts (and still is), its understandable that you feel the way you do. Much harm has been done by the comunity and very much so by the religious community. I appologise for the unloving manner the GLBS community has been and is treated. All humans deserve respect and beeing loved unconditionaly. I appologise that instead of unconitional love you could only experiance and hear WE DO NOT LOVE YOU. Real love is what we all nead but is so little received.Again on behalf of the community I appologise to you.

Andre Bekker (IHF (SA))

Pierre said...

@nothingprofound, I agree 100%

@Andre Bekker, What does the S in GLBS stand for? You apologize on behalf of the "community" as if you speak for society which I don't believe you have the authority to do. You speak of unconditional love, yet your organization's goal does not reflect this. I apologize for finding your apology insincere, as I believe you should apologize to all the GLBT people your organization is harming and to their families for providing them with false hope instead of enabling them to accept their GLBT family members.

Anonymous said...

Sorry the S should be a T. I have appreciation for your point of view.


Anonymous said...

My jaw was actually on the floor as I read this. If my attraction to men is a "disorder", well, then Im glad to suffer from it. I am 100% content with who I am so the IHF and its all cronies just eff off! Unfortunately, there are those who will sucumb to this screwballs methods and there will be those who follow blindly along.
My God, it's like we are being attacked from corner possible. Haven't enough lives been ruined by people's ignorance? People's hatred? Does a human life not matter anymore? Obviously not. Well, mine does and there is no way I'm going to let them tell me (or anyone else) otherwise! So while I am alive, I will fight till my last breath. No one, and I mean no one, devalues my life or any other gay persons life. I will help any gay person come to terms with who they are so they can live a long and happy life. Each person we help or life we save is a victory for us! Do NOT let these bastards win!

Pierre said...

darkhalf, this is exactly how I feel too! We as a community should do more to reach out to our gay brothers and sisters who are struggling to come out and we should provide them with hope through the way we live our lives. We were born this way and there's nothing wrong with us and we most certainly don't need any fixing!

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