Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Bad Mood Rising!

This week my vocabulary has been downgraded to only four letter words. The kind of words that would make even the most hardened sailor blush. Maybe our almost apocalyptic even of last week and my most recent hate mails unduly contributed to my grumpiness or maybe I’m just tired. It is that time of year when the end is in sight and we are in the final stretch to closing the chapter that is 2010. This year has been challenging, filled with change, sometimes controversy and there are just over seven weeks left and a lot still have to happen. This led me to wonder, how the hell I am going to make it to my December holiday without going supernova and destroying the known universe, all of mankind and things that currently annoys me!
In less than a week I am off to Kenya’s capital Nairobi. A country I have visited five years earlier and have fond memories off, the zenith of which being spending New Years Eve at Lake Nivasha and hearing the hippos grunt and complain about the noise of our festivities. This is now my second (technically my third) international trip this year and much like my trip to Luxembourg I suspect I won’t be seeing much of Kenya. Again much like my trip to Luxembourg I am going there for a marathon interview – an interview that’s going to last two days. Don’t get me wrong I have been interviewed many times in my professional life and I interview quite well, but never have I had to answer questions, sell myself, my skills and hidden talents all while having to have a sparkling personality for a full two days. My interpersonal charm stamina may not hold and therefore I am a tad bit stressed. I also currently have a pimple the size of Mount Everest on my face!

In the mean time our office building is being renovated and last week we had to move into our temporary holding area. Now please take in mind this is now the second time this year I have moved and I do not function optimally in chaos, having to share stuff and whenever there are contractors/builders involved I have meltdowns. The whole of last week I was floating down the river of denial and pretended to be blissfully unaware of my discomfort both physically and mentally. However this Monday I faced my physical reality of noise, claustrophobia, absence of air-conditioning and privacy and I was not amused and have been in “a mood” ever since. I found myself reciting “This is only temporary” while hiding in the toilet, smoking a cigarette outside all while in a cloud of banging, sawing and braking noise. This is when I realized that I was not that dissimilar to my cats – we don’t like change, don’t like noise and we need our personal space!
And then there is the gym. The palace of torture, the place that is suppose to rid me of frustration, get me into shape and clear my mind of worries. But NO… My one instructor took a liking in me and therefore I have been getting special and unwanted attention. Before your minds go into the gutter – it’s not sexual it’s painfully physical. You see she decided to take her posture Nazi ways to the next level. She no longer just corrects me, now she stands next to me through whole routines making sure I don’t cheat! Even though my legs and arms shakes like that of a person who suffers from Parkinson’s disease due to over excursion, she forces me to finish and to do all routines properly. “I hate you!” goes through mind often and feeling the burn has never been so damn painful and lasted quite as long!  She's the devil I tell you - THE DEVIL!

As if all this isn’t enough I have also had to deal with some really fucked up people in stores, on the road and some on the telephone. A woman screamed at me today and right up to this moment I still aren’t quite sure why. But frankly I don’t particularly give a rat’s ass. Some people on this lovely planet of ours can benefit from a gene pool transplant or some personality modifications in the sense of actually getting a personality that’s smart and pleasant.
Last but not least as if Facebook didn’t have enough Queens on it an actual Queen joined on Monday. Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II is now on Facebook and has her own page. Good lord, imagine if she actually had to write her own status updates and God forbid now joins Twitter and tweets. As one of my fellow bloggers pointed out on this Queens Facebook page “Can you imagine (envision squiggly lines in your head and fade to black--fade in to QE II standing in the wings waiting to come out and greet President Sarkozy of France) she whips out her iPhone which she's tucked ever so cleverly into her bra and tweets: 'S'up peeps? Got 2 hang w/Sarkozy. Hope I dont mis my fav show on teli. Crap ms prfct body is here 2. Totly h8 her. Shoulda worn my Spanx! L8R'” Enough said!

Ok, so I am in a bad mood and my usually sparkling personality is neatly tucked away somewhere safe in my man panties. Let’s hope by the weekend my mood lifts in time for my flight to Kenya on Tuesday. Being grumpy, bitchy and moody sure does not become me. But hey, everyone is entitled to a bad week and this is mine!

Till next time.

French and Saunders do Winehouse and Spears


meowingatthemoon said...

Hope it gets better for you Pierre. Gavi and I have also had the week from hell. Perhaps it's something in the cosmos. I am sure next week will be FANTASTIC to make up for it.

Pierre said...

meowingatthemoon, I think it's just that time of the year or maybe our Uranus are in retrograde with Mars. I'm with you let's keep our fingers crossed that next week will be Fabulous!!!

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