Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Lady Gaga the Steak Tartar Goddess

Lady Gaga sure knows how to make a statement.  Her meat outfit turned a few heads at Sundays VMA’s and had others gagging.  Looking at the images of the walking tartar goddess I couldn’t help but wonder whether the ensemble was indeed real meat or not.  One thing is for certain, Gaga’s outfit designed by Franc Fernandez will be talked about for months to come.  Forget about Cher here comes Gaga!


Anonymous said...

that is gross. I am all for outlandish outfits but that is a bit too far

Pierre said...

Anonymous, some people's gross is other people's Haute Couture.

Janene Murphy said...

I wonder how hot it got that day in LA. I bet she started to stink after awhile. And can you imagine sitting on a steak all night? Ewwww.

My personal opinion? She just looks like a desperate attention hog. Any pork in that outfit?

Pierre said...

Janene Murphy, now now... Janene.

Lady Gaga is hardly a piece of meet, so was born that way!

PS: I'm sure the dress had a lining, I hope.

Anonymous said...

Ha-ha. When you said "meat outfit" I thought you meant "neat outfit". I was surprised. I know you are too litterally correct to make such a writing mistake. Then I saw the photo!!!

Pierre said...

Cosmic, neat... meat... I can see how you were surprised ;-)

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