Friday, September 17, 2010

Pope Benedict XVI

It is no secret, I don’t have much respect or time for Pope Benedict XVI. The ex-Nazi who with his visit to Auschwitz during June 2006 confirmed his anti-Jewish stance and denial of German responsibility of what happened there could be seen as a trend of his now ungodly career. Denial seems to come very easy to this Pope even in the midst of sex abuse scandals that have been plaguing the Catholic Church of late. This Pope is ignorant, a homophobe, sexist, pedophile protector and has no business heading the Catholic Church. This why his current state funded papal visit to the United Kingdom appalls me. What does this say about the United Kingdom? Is the UK implicitly endorsing papal policy by funding this visit? I hope not! Here are 4 reasons I condemn Pope Benedict XVI’s visit to the UK.
Firstly, Pope Benedict XVI is ignorant on the issue of HIV and Aids. In 2009 the Pope stated “[AIDS in Africa is] a tragedy that cannot be overcome by money alone, that cannot be overcome through the distribution of condoms, which even aggravates the problems”. When I heard this I was shocked. Does the Pontiff not care that three quarters of global death by AIDS is occurring in his ideological playground? Or is the fact that Africa is not contributing enough to the Vatican’s coffers the reason why it’s better to let Africans contract HIV instead of preventing it by distributing condoms and advocating safe sex?
Secondly, Pope Benedict XVI is a homophobe. In 2004 in an instruction ordered by him, the church reiterates its medieval policy on practiced homosexuality: “Regarding [homosexual] acts, it [the Catechism of the Catholic Church] teaches that Sacred Scripture presents them as grave sins. The Tradition has constantly considered them as intrinsically immoral and contrary to the natural law. Consequently, under no circumstance can they be approved.” Not only does the Pope condemn gay folk to hell he also does not afford homosexuals equal rights in the Catholic Church. Love the sinner but hate the sin does not seem to resonate with this Pope. I guess God did not create all of his children in his image after all.
Thirdly, Pope Benedict XVI is a sexist. There is and will never be equal opportunities for women in the Catholic Church as was categorically stated this month. No women will ever be ordained into clergy because that is the realm of men and women will never be good enough. So shame on all Catholic women with successful careers, how could you! I suspect the Pope prefer women to be pregnant and barefoot in the kitchen and his nuns submissive and obedient.
Lastly, Pope Benedict XVI is a pedophile protector and this has started as early as 1985: While occupying a senior position in the Vatican, the now Pope is alleged to have urged no action be taken against a priest who had been convicted of molesting a girl of six, lest it damaged further the reputation of the Church. He has also been accused by victims of failing to act on information about a priest who had abused more than 200 children, and of supporting a system where suspect priests were quietly moved to new parishes rather than be challenged. Now this just makes me sick to my stomach.
Pope Benedict XVI visit to the United Kingdom and the fact that the UK has funded this papal visit is shocking. I hope that the Pope is not planning to set foot in South Africa. With everything that he has done, stood for and covered up it’s understandable that he has to be displayed to the public behind bullet proof glass.

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Clueless said...

Very well written and quite informative. I have always had difficulty and disagreement with Catholism. This just adds more to what I disagree with abou the Catholism.

Pierre said...

Clueless, I am dumbfounded that the UK government is spending their citizens hard earned tax money on this visit. What message does this send out to the world about the United Kingdom?

Anonymous said...

I am against the Catholic church.
They seem to have severly strayed from Jesus' Teaching.

Although, so has many others. Because the saying "Love the sinner, hate the sin" Doesnt appear in the bible. Unfortunately.
We can get this idea for areselfs, that we should because we are sinners also and Jesus tells us that the judgement we throw out, the same we will be judged by. But God doesnt seperate the sin from the sinner.

Interesting blog though. Ill have to read more often.

Pierre said...

thedalejournal, Religion is complex and far to open to interpretation as you indirectly pointed out. This is why I no longer believe in organized religion, I'm spiritual and believe that we can only find God through ourselves and not through a Church, a Minister, a Priest and definitely not through a Pope!

Hobbers said...

I have a to agree with you, though I don't point the blame directly at this Pope. It seems to me that the Catholic Church is inherrantly homophobic, sexist etc since forever. I too find it amazing that the UK has funded this visit especially when it is not a Catholic country. And I take offense (despite the fact that I am white and British all the way back till forever) that the Pope should make a speech imploring the UK to go back to its Christian roots. Britain is now a multi-cultural, multi-faith community - what do the huge proportion of Muslims, Hindus, Buddists etc etc take from that statement? That they don't belong, thats what. The Church is outdated, and the views are medieval. I was brought up a Catholic, and I was taught to love thy neighbour. To me that means no exceptions. I'm no longer a practicing Catholic, and no wonder.

Pierre said...

Hobbers, I think many Catholics have become disillusioned with the Church, and the current Pope is not helping matters. Thanks for your comment Hobbers.

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