Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Most Controversial Blog, Really?

OK, so I am a finalist in the 2010 SA Blog Awards. (Insert applause here) A big thank you to everyone who nominated me! Not to sound ungrateful or anything, but imagine my surprise this morning when I saw my blog being a finalist in the Most Controversial Blog Category. Most Controversial, really?

Sure I have ruffled a few feather boas, broken a few tiaras and rained on a few people’s parades. Sure I have received my fair share of hate mail and have been lavishly condemned to hell, but with this being said I am certain that my little old blog didn’t cause anybody any permanent harm or sleepless nights. If it did, I hope it was spent reading it!

Being the only unashamed GLBT blog represented in the awards this year, I also have to spew a few words of discontent that the SA Blog Awards decided to drop the GLBT category altogether. WHY, Oh why... why? SA Blog Awards just to let you know the queers aren’t happy! (looking at you angrily, eyebrow lifted [shit I can't, botox dammit!!!] and finger wagging).

But anyhow... I am glad to be a finalist (albeit a controversial one) and flattered that my blog is considered to having caused some discomfort during the year. The most discomfort most probably experienced by conservative straight folk, religious fanatics, homophobic ass wipes and yes, even some queer folk (and you know who you are bitches!)

If you think my mind meanderings, queer opinions and bitching humour is deserving of a blogging crown, then please vote for my blog and make me your Queen! (You can vote once every 24 hours until 17 September)

Hitler Is Not Nominated For The SA Blog Awards


Clueless said...

Interesting catagory...I voted for your blog, but I don't think that this is the right catagory for it. Good Luck!!

Pierre said...

Clueless, thanks. Well, I'm just happy to be a finalist and the category doesn't really matter all that much. I think the fact that my blog is not mainstream orientated, gay themed and sometimes do offend "sensitive" folk could justify the category. Being controversial is fun after all! (Well most of the time if it doesn't involve hate mail!!!)

Phunk Factor said...

I too voted....but I never suspected it to show up for this category!! Ne idea why the committee revoked the LGBT category?

Pierre said...

Phunk Factor, thanks! I don't know, I did send them an e-mail asking why the GLBT category was omitted but didn't get a response.

Isha Shiri said...

Hello my friend,

Your blog will have my vote, of course. I think everyone should be free to express the way of being sexual, religious, or whatever. HaShem created us to be free and live in love. The world is still full of people like Hitler.

I wish you Success and Peace.

Pierre said...

Isha Shiri, thanks! Freedom and love are the most important things in the world and something I hope we can all share no matter where we live!

Jason Shaw said...

Good luck xx

Pierre said...

Thanks Jason ;-)

Anonymous said...

I'm particularly allergic to categories. They should all be banned and replaced with shapes.

Having said that, anything that rises above moderated school classroom intensity is considered controversial.

I mean can you imagine having a conspiracy / self-help news mag (BLOG!) and ending up in the LGBT category?!

Pierre said...

Anti Vigilante, I only like labels when it comes to clothes.

"I mean can you imagine having a conspiracy / self-help news mag (BLOG!) and ending up in the LGBT category?!" now that would be hillarious!!!

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