Friday, June 11, 2010

Hilarious Lost in Translation

Must be Good !!? ‘Be gone’, I say!

Not to be confused with ‘Hetero’ sausage.

Insect repellent? Are you sure that’s what it’s for?
For Paris Hilton?

Bet it don't taste the same in a can? Not that I'd know the difference...

Only one thing better than regular Shito – new, improved Shito!!!

What are you looking at me for?

I really shouldn’t find this funny...

Wow! MEGA!! PUSSI!!!! Hard to refuse - NOT!

I hope ‘Marie’ knows about this!


Anonymous said...

Those WERE funny! Where did you find them?

Pierre said...

impressglyn, a friend e-mailed it to me. It was so funny I just had to share it. However, I had to go search for the pics myself and also changed some of the commentary.

VLW said...

Ha! This made me chuckle. :)

CherylT said...

Shopped but no less hilarious. Thanks for dropping by my page. Hope we can connect soon.

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