Thursday, September 10, 2009

Rear Ended!

How I just adore ending a busy not so pleasant week with a bang. I have only been in two car accidents in my whole life, both rather minor. Being a good driver I firmly believed that I would not be in a third. Gosh, how presumptuous can one be. So today at 2:20pm, on a clear spring day it happened. I was rear ended and not in a good way. Being slightly shaken, a little bit pissed off and grossly annoyed I have to go jump like a show dog through several hoops to get my insurance to pay out. The prospect of this unexpected additional drudgery is turning this little “ray of sun shine” into a “little thundercloud”. Regardless how I may feel, I am glad I have insurance.
Minding my own business at a slip way with my car peacefully idling and waiting my turn to enter the road I am abruptly jerked out of my Zen serenity. Without warning my car flies forward, my sunglasses is ripped of my face and in the shock of moment I am left confused: What just happened? Did I take my foot of the clutch by accident? If I did that then way was there a load noise? As my car comes to a halt and my eyes readjust to the sharp sunlight, I pick up my sun glasses from the dashboard put them back on and look into my rear view mirror. Behind me I see a white car with a very pale and shocked driver and passenger. The horrified expression on their faces notified to what transpired – they crashed into me. As the bitch in me wanted to surface I remembered what my mom use to say “always be nice when you’re in an accident, people do not give you their correct details if they think you are going to kill them!” So, I rummaged through my gay man bag for a pen and paper. I took a couple deep breaths before exiting my car to prepare me for the shock I was to find on inspecting the damage.
As I stepped out of my car walking towards the back of it I noticed the other car’s windscreen was cracked on two places – two places where the driver and his passenger hit their heads. They were not wearing safety belts. Still being pissed off I was concerned that they might be injured so I walked over to their car to ask them if they were ok. The driver looked scared as this angry platinum blond gay guy who is visibly fuming was making his way towards him. Reaching their car with his now almost completely rolled window I asked two questions “Are you guys ok?” and “Do you have insurance?”. He answered in the affirmative to both. I then proceeded to ask him to get out his car so I could take down his details. The front his car was completely wrecked and the back of my car damaged but less severely in comparison. While taking down his details he begged me not to phone his dad before he had a chance to speak to him first. Honestly at that point I could give a damn about what his father was going to do to him, but I respected his wishes as I knew for sure he was going to be in trouble anyway.
Arriving at the police station to report the accident my calm demeanor soon changed as I was informed I had to go to another police station to file a report - the accident didn’t happen in their jurisdiction. That was so the wrong thing to say to me at that time! Feeling like I just went through a traumatic event I decided to throw a hissy fit, as only a slightly effeminate gay guy can. I refused to go to another station and demanded to file my report there. There was absolutely no reasoning with this blond as I was now angry and determined. For some reason the police officer thought raising his voice would get his point across. Naturally I also raised mine in response and told him there was nothing wrong with my hearing and whether he liked it or not I will file my report with them. By this time the whole of the police station was looking at me as if I was crazy. In retrospect it was more post traumatic shock than being crazy, but I did get my way at the end.

Arriving home I contacted my insurance company, calmly informed them of my splendid afternoon and they e-mailed me their claim form with an annexure with a detailed description of everything I have to do, get and go through to get my car fixed. It took me a while to complete the form being asked everything apart from requesting a DNA sample. So on Monday I will be getting quotes, possibly throwing more hissy fits, and bitching about it to all that that will listen and also those who don’t. Being in an accident is an inconvenience but I am grateful no one got hurt. At least everyone is still alive; our cars are dented and we will be adding additional chores to our busy schedules, but shit happens! Like a friend have been quoted as saying “Put your big girl panties on and deal with it” so deal with it I will.

Till next time.

Kathy Griffin - Allegedly


Deray said...

Be sure they have in the police report that it was the other guy's fault so your insurance won't increase because of the accident. Glad you are ok ;)

Pierre said...

Thanks Deary, I did put that in the police report. With the place it happened the poor guy will not be able to dispute the fact that he was in the wrong.

Luckily, his dad has been very nice about the matter, we spoke on the phone a couple of times today. Think everything will work out ok. But both his son and I will be inconvenienced for a couple of weeks until our cars are fixed.

If you think about it cars are just things, if someone had died that would be worse. So I am choosing to see it in that way. We are all safe and alive with our loved ones tonight and that is what really matters, don't you think?

AL said...

If I were you I would have taken that bloody person to court! Just glad you're unharmed, would hate not reading your blog. Hope you get your car fixed soon!

Hugs & Love

Pierre said...

Thanks AL. I think both the kid & I have been through enough. A protracted law suit will not get our cars fixed quicker.

Joanne said...

Glad you are ok, the accident I witnessed last week, 3 people died, it was awful I am struggling with driving at the moment.

Pierre said...

Thanks Joanne, I am also glad to be OK. I must admit since the accident I have been a very cautious driver. It's weird how the memory of the impact stays with you long after the accident is over, even if it was just a simple bumper bashing.

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