Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The Collagen Palace

They say beauty is only skin deep and true beauty comes from the inside. However, some of us need a little help when it comes to the “skin deep” department. I have just gone for my Botox touch-up at another one of those Collagen Palaces that promise the fountain of youth with a few injections, peels, lasers and surgery. After my little procedure I left wondering why we so eagerly pursue beauty and whether I now too may have crossed the line in joined a group of people that would pay large amounts of money to cling to youth for as long as possible.
My first Botox treatment was earlier this year and as I vividly described on my blog it was a pleasant experience and the benefits aesthetically pleasing. When I was due for my touch up I decided to go to another plastic surgeon that was recommended to me by a friend. All excited I called her office and to my great disappointment the first appointment I could get was only in three months time. Being quite surprised the overly friendly and slightly annoyingly happy sounding receptionist told me they could place me on a “cancelation waiting list”. So two weeks passed before I got a call informing they had a cancellation and I could be helped the very next day.

Arriving at the surgeons offices I was amazed at the magnitude of her operation and facilities. It was a one-stop-shop where you could get anything done apart from major surgery. As one would expect from such an establishment the staff was immaculately dressed and all had a little something done from Botox, collagen to fillers. Walking towards the counter at reception I spotted the Prozac Queen who I had spoken to before. It should be illegal for one person to be so happy and I could not quite determine whether it was just her natural personality or chemically induced, either way if I had to spend a whole day with her I would be forced to staple her lips shut.
After completing the normal paper work I was escorted to the waiting area where I joined a couple of middle aged women all engrossed in the little pamphlets of the different procedures the facility offers. The conversations they had resembles that of people discussing a restaurant menu the only difference was they were discussing chemical peels, body sculpting, facelifts, Botox and vaginal rejuvenations. It seems that apart from the normal nips and tucks of ones flabby bits you can now also get a younger vagina. What will be next a testicular lift and/or penis rejuvenation? Not wanting to listen to how their privates have been tightened I decided to go for a smoke and wait for my turn at the outside coffee shop area.
When my turn came the permanently surprised looking and cheerful receptionist collected me and ushered me into the Dr’s consulting room. My face was examined, the procedure discussed and this time fillers was also introduced into my age delaying chemical recipe. I found the Dr very pleasant and genuinely sincere in her approach. After every possible frown was reproduced, my facial muscles examined and frown line inspected she took out an array of syringes and meticulously placed them on a small table next to the bed. As usual the Botox injections were relatively painless, but when it came to the fillers it was a slightly different story. The best way to describe filler injections is like being stung by a small bee with the slight burning sensation lasting only a few seconds - kind of painful but nothing that would cause a ghastly scream. The other queer thing about fillers is that you can actually feel the thin line if you stroke your finger over the treated area and this really grossed out my hubby.

During the procedure the Dr and I had a nice chat. She told me about the wide range of clients she has and to my surprise she told me of two very well known International Airlines (the names of which I will omit out a fear of being sued) sends their cabin crew to her when they are in South Africa to get Botox and fillers done. Apparently these airlines pays for the procedures and all their staff members that deal with the public are encouraged to undergo these treatments on a regular basis. It’s seems having a flawless and youthful appearance are part of their job description – what a great perk to have. We also discussed the reason people have cosmetic procedures done and from her answer I concluded everybody does it for their own personal reasons, some out of vanity and others out of necessity.
So why do I get Botox you may ask? After some pondering I realized to a certain degree vanity does play a role in my motivation, but mostly it is because if I can delay the effects of aging why not. I do take pride in my appearance. Even though of late I again gained some weight and unlike Oprah my blog readership does not increase with every pound I gain, I still take care of myself and do plan on shaking off the extra pounds and could even inject some of the fat into other parts of my body – Yes, people do that for all of those who just gasped in horror! My decision to get Botox also has a lot to do with the fact that my frown lines made me look unfriendly and every time someone bores me, talks nonsense or when I get annoyed I tend to frown betraying my concerted efforts to hide my true feelings from who ever is sitting across from me in a meeting. Another and final reason for me joining the Botox Band Wagon early is to stay away from the surgeon’s knife for as long as possible as preventative measures, in my opinion, are always the best.

After my touch-up and having had my eyes opened to the other side of cosmetic procedures I honestly don’t think I will go over board and make my visit to the youth fountain a monthly excursion. A visit once in a while (when needed) and in moderation is the healthier option for me. After all I don’t want to end up looking like some of the freaks you see on Dr 90210 or the E channel’s Top 100 Worst Plastic Surgeries. When I look into the mirror in ten years time I still want to be able to recognize the person I see looking back at me.

Till next time.

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Michael Rivers said...

Interesting post! I haven't had any Botox. Yet. But I'm sure one day I'll wake up and think that I need a little refresher!

Pierre said...

Michael, thanks. At least Botox is a simple noninvasive procedure. However like everything else it should be done in moderation - no one wants to become an expressionless monster.

b0ll0cks said...

Great post. I thought about doing this and probably will sooner or later. I want to try a laser peel first and if that doesn't do the job then I might try some other options.

"What will be next a testicular lift"

I'm pretty sure they have been doing those for awhile now. Mine would have to be hanging pretty low for anyone to take a knife to that part of my anatomy. Just MHO.

Anyway, glad all went well for you :)

Pierre said...

b0ll0cks, that's why decided the post about my experience so that those who have been considering it and do not have a friend who's done it before will get an idea of what to expect.

However, if you do decide to have something done do your research well before hand and choose a Dr that has experience & a good track record.

ilan Romi said...

I found it painfully real

Pierre said...

Ilan, I'm sorry to hear you had a bad experience. Maybe you should consider going to another dr. It's not meant to be painful.

Lauren said...

I'm hesitant in having a Botox treatment done. For me, it's scary enough just getting a waxing. I'd rather wait until my cheeks sag so low they touch my shoulders. Then I'll consider it. :)

Lauren a.k.a. lauresal from BlogCatalog

Pierre said...

Hi Lauren welcome to my blog!

Waxing is a breeze although I haven't been in ages.

Mother gravity can be a bitch that's why decided to be proactive with the sagging of cheeks, luckily I do not have the added burden of sagging boobs ;-)

The Current exModians said...

I want to work for one of those airlines. In about 10 years...ha ha ha ha.

Pierre said...

Don't we all ;-)

Mimi and Tilly said...

A good friend of mine yesterday recommended haemorroid cream for bags under the eyes. Apparently plastic surgeons recommend it? I've heard this before but never tried it. My friend won't try it but, having noticed a whole load of facial sagginess that isn't impressing me I'm prepared to be all over that cream like a rash. I can't bring myself to have botox (I'm not keen on needles, there's no judgement) but have no shame when it comes to putting pile cream on my face. I'm going to poy-chase some today and give it a go. Sending smiles.

Anonymous said...

Very informative friend. Has opened my eyes to this as an alternative one day, you do know I knew nothing about this at all. Just saw the people on that show and boy do some look gross. Think in 10 years will do the vagina thing mhm.

Anonymous said...

Oh its Simphiwe, couldnt register with my name kept on kicking it out.

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