Monday, September 7, 2009


They say change is just as good as a holiday. Seeing as my tranquil island holiday is still four months away I decided to settle for change in the interim. What did I get up to this time, you may ask. The answer is simple I bleached my hair. I went from being a normal blond to platinum blond. Having altered the way I look I was now left to wait and see if change indeed would break the monotony of my daily toils and indeed inject some new energy into my life as one would expect.

A simple haircut or colour can make a world of difference when one is in desperate need of a kick-in-the-ass when you are feeling stuck in a rut or have just been through an ordeal such as a breakup. Many of my female and male friends have under gone drastic transformation after their breakups and shedding their locks and/or changing their hair colour has been like leaving the pain and memories behind and turning over a new leaf. So after a couple of stressful months at work, just loosing a property that we desperately wanted to purchase (which did feel very similar to a breakup) I was due for a little fashion renovation. It didn’t take much convincing from my crazily artistic stylist to convince me to once again push the boundaries. After more than five hours in the salon having all the colour fried out of my hair follicles I emerged as a white as snow platinum gay god! Or at least that how I felt!

Upon my arrival home, hubby was visibly taken aback with my new look but seemed to like it. His first words were of concern asking me what the people at my work are going to say. Working with a group of people in a fairly conservative milieu and not taking well to change or drastic fashion statements, hubby’s concern was well justified. My colleagues reaction to change could be similar to that of nuns should they learn pink is the new black of their habits. On Monday morning I was admittedly nervous arriving at the office. I snuck past some of my colleagues offices and avoided my boss. Unfortunately avoiding him was not an option!

News of my “drastic” change spread through the building faster than the average bad office gossip. Soon my phone rang and an ominous sounding voice summoned me to the boardroom where my whole department already congregated. Stepping into the room my heart skipped a few beats and I was sure I was going to be reprimanded for transgressing some clause of our overly stringent dress code. I sat down looking nervously across the table at my boss trying to ascertain his mood and trying to interpret the looks I was getting. Was it shock, anger or disbelieve? The meeting progressed and ended without any reference being made about my hair – it truly was the white elephant in the room. Having shocked these people so many times in the past they must have become immune to my weird hairstyles, unique sense of fashion and flaming fagotary; all they are left to do is ask – what next?

The reaction to my new look has been met with varied responses from my friends and family as well. Showing up for Sunday lunch at the in-laws the only thing they did was role their eyes, sighed and then we went about our family visit as usual. One of my least tactful friends asked me whether I was preparing to have a nervous breakdown as my hair would now perfectly match the outfit I would wear in the padded room at the mental hospital – he obviously didn’t care for the new look. However, the majority of the responses were favourable most wanting to know whether this was a one time thing or whether the look will stay around for a while. I am yet to decide that for myself.

People’s reactions to me in public hasn’t really changed that much. I have noticed the odd stare here and there, but I guess it’s only because it’s “different” and “not natural”; two terms I have become accustomed being gay. Who wants to be just like everybody else and have natural coloured hair anyway? I can’t even remember what my natural hair colour is, yes it has been that long! Having made such a drastic change forces one to carry the new look with confidence and pride because whether you like it or not, deal well with the reactions of others or not, you will be stuck with your platinum locks for a good few weeks if not months to come.

They say blonds have more fun, the truth of this I am still waiting to discover. Amongst the sea of blond jokes that are raining down on me via e-mail and looking in the mirror and sometimes having to take a second glance to make sure it is indeed me I must say the change has done me a world of good thus far. I have noticed a slight increase in “blond moments” to the great amusement of others and am having fun with it. All things considered I think I have achieved my goal: I have injected a new energy into my life; the monotony at work has been broken as others have something new to gossip about and the status quo have been challenged yet again. However, change is not just as good as a holiday as I am still tired but at least now I know I’ll make it to my actual holiday.

Till next time.

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Edwin said...

Change is always good especially this time of year. Wish I had a island holiday to look forward to. Enjoy the blond moments while you can.

Pierre said...

Thanks Edwin, I will enjoy them until my re-growth start to get to hectic. Can't wait for my actual holiday, I really need one, this was a hectic year!

Anonymous said...

Blonds rock!

JasonNY said...

Keep on fanning the flames of your fagottry, just make sure the fan is F A B U L O U S!!!

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