Monday, December 24, 2012

If Santa was Gay

This is just too hilarious to keep to myself. Santa Bear and the 7 Gay Elves.
Which one of the elves would you be?


Phunk Factor said...

Errrmmmm.....I guess Horny!! :p

Don't give me that strange look...i'm 23!

haute HAIKU said...

Can't make up my mind but I want be bitchy.

Pierre said...

@Phunk Factor, ooh... I remember when I was 23!!! Don't blame you!

@haute HAIKU, wouldn't mind to be Hunky, but I would have to settle with Bitchy too.

Reverse Number Lookup said...

none of the elves co's I'm straight and not a gay but I do lots of a gay friend I found them funny and smart. Thanks for sharing, although the elves makes me laugh.

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