Saturday, March 8, 2014

Uganda: Who are really responsible for the imminent gay genocide.

The world is up and arms about Uganda signing their new Anti-Gay Bill into law.  A bill that now makes it illegal to be homosexual in Uganda and makes it illegal not to report homosexuals. A bill that makes provision for homosexuals to be handed sentences of life imprisonment.  A bill that has now already caused two confirmed deaths in Uganda as a direct result.  But have you ever stopped and wondered who are the actual people responsible for this flair up of radical homophobia in Africa? Have you ever wondered who are the people who now have blood on their hands in the name of Jesus?  If you did, then watch this video and find out who are spreading homophobia in Africa and Uganda in the name of Christianity.    


Anonymous said...

ugandans are black, the hands with blood are white, thats not the matter, the issue is homosexuality is not welcom in uganda okay???? Lubowa Sean UYCAH

Pierre le Roux said...

@Lubowa Sean, clearly you missed the point on this post and did not watch the video.

War Julian said...

A short but very revealing video. It's mind-blowing that some people don't see these types of evangelicals as insane, murderous individuals. I'm thinking of ways to help the LGBT community in Uganda whose lives are unnecessarily in danger because of its ignorant law makers.

Gee Gee Curtained said...

This is for Lubowa Sean UYCAH, I DARE YOU to answer this: On your fb page you claim to be acting on behalf of GOD? The old testament is the only book revered and respected by the three major religions i.e. Christianity, Islam and Judaism and in that book it is accepted that the Ten Commandments were the definitive rules by which a man shall life in order to please GOD yet nowhere does it say or imply that homosexuality is forbidden a claim you homophobes love to make. Let us see though how many of those commandments you are breaking.
1. You shalt not kill!! You insight violence and murder of human beings. This is not a selective scenario... God did not say “do not kill straight people or Christians or people who do not believe as you do” it emphasises that killing is wrong and a sure way to ensure his wrath yet you promote this against one of his creations. Where does that leave you?
2. You shall not bear false witness against your neighbour! By judging a fellow human being and labelling them anti-christ when in truth they may be devout believers is bearing false witness against them because you do not know the heart of that person you are accusing. You will therefore pay for these sins...according to your own GOD.
3. You shall not steal! By breaking these two commandments...which you already have shown your willingness to hunt and prejudice a group of people who will be robbed of their rights to life, liberty and happiness despite not having broken any of the ten commandments.
This does not even cover other commandments that you may or may not have broken e.g. committing adultery is a mortal sin, does your country hunt them down and jail them and incite murder against them? No... even though it is specifically mentioned.

If I was you I would be far more concerned with my fate when I meet God than any gay person out there and if history is anything to go by you and your kind will be the losers...remember when Christians were once hunted and killed? Now they are the most powerful religion in the world. You may hunt and kill your neighbours but the rights of gay people will triumph while your fear and prejudice will sideline you in history as the foolish bigots you are. If you want to be a Christian country then hunt the killers, child rapists, thieves and adulterers and leave the judging of a mans personal life to God and his relationship with that person.

Also: you shall not use the Lord your Gods name in vain....

By saying that you are doing this in his name you are abusing his name, God never called for the persecution of gay people and he most certainly did not bestow this right on you... if he did please show me where he gave you the right to do so, by claiming to act on his behalf you are being blasphemous.

Anybody out there who wants to help us rid FB of this man and his cohorts on the page inciting violence against the LGBT community head to this link:

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