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Nothing Can Tear Us Apart - Uncensored

Wyatt O’Brian Evans is an author, journalist, entertainer, and entrepreneur residing in metro Washington, in the States.  As a journalist, his work has been featured in print and on-line publications including the Washington Post, American Politics, Imperious Entertainment, QBliss, and Bilerico.com.  His new novel, “Nothing Can Tear Us Apart—Uncensored” (gay/ethnic/erotica), is scheduled for release on July 27, 2012.  You can visit Wyatt's website by clicking HERE.

     What would you do after the man of your dreams battered you because he believed you’d been unfaithful?  Then, how would you cope with the revelation that someone’s vicious treachery was behind your partner’s despicable actions?  Could you forgive this man to whom you’ve given every piece of your heart?
     Such dilemmas occur in Nothing Can Tear Us Apart--Uncensored.  It’s the present time in metropolitan Washington, and desirable, wealthy gay Black celebrity Wesley (Wes) Laurence Kelly, 44, yearns for an enduring, satisfying love.  Unfortunately, disastrous relationships have left him shattered and disillusioned.
     Enter Antonio (‘Tonio) Miguel Rios, Jr., 30, a deliciously muscular gay Puerto Rican whom Wes has hired as his bodyguard.  He, too, has failed at love.
     Then, without warning, that magical, irrefutable, irresistible force known as chemistry totally engulfs the pair.  And after finding they have much in common, Wes and ‘Tonio forge a strong bond.  However, they’re too afraid to act on the growing romantic feelings and sexual urges they have for each other.
    But after a violent store holdup throws Wes’s life on the line, the connection strengthens, intensifies.   Their ardent, pent-up desire for each other rages like a four-alarm inferno, threatening to utterly consume them. 
     Soon, Wes and ‘Tonio break down and profess their love for one another.  They celebrate in steamy, hot and heavy lovemaking, which sweeps them away.
     However, tough challenges and obstacles jeopardize their relationship.  And then there’s a certain someone who has a score to settle with the celeb.  He or she (Or, is it she or he?) sets up Wes to make it appear that he’s been cheating. 
     Taking the bait, the frenzied bodyguard physically brutalizes his partner!  The final blow is when the couple learns just who was behind the deception.
     Can and does Wes forgive ‘Tonio?   
     Will the couple still be able to vow, Nothing Can Tear Us Apart?”
I designed “Nothing Can Tear Us Apart—Uncensored” to be fresh, hip, and unique, with rich drama; but more importantly, to explore relevant issues and themes that resonate with a universal audience.  Domestic violence/abuse is one such issue.

And, I decided to tell the story of two openly gay, masculine, accomplished, upwardly mobile men of color who fall deeply in love and eventually find themselves in this situation.  I wanted to demonstrate that anyone can become a victim—regardless of race,  gender, size, income, etc.

New research suggests that more LGBTQI persons are living in fear of an abusive partner than previously thought.  Each year in the U.S., between 50,000-100,000 lesbians (or more) and as many as 500,000 (or more) gay men are battered, and about one in four LGBTQI relationships/partnerships are abusive in some way.  This fall, I embark on a national Domestic Violence Seminar/Boor Tour.

The following is an excerpt from Nothing Can Tear Us Apart—Uncensored.”   At this point, the couple is in a committed relationship.  After Thanksgiving dinner with ‘Tonio’s family, ‘Tonio ushers Wes upstairs to his boyhood bedroom.

     The lock to the door went clickety-click, click…click!
     Oh, shit. 
     That made me tingle through and through, waiting for him to make his move.
     And without warning, ‘Tonio did just that! 
    "Gimme all dat phat chocolate culo --right NOW!" 
    ‘Tonio wasn't asking or negotiating.  He was commanding, demanding!  Taking my ass was a foregone conclusion. 
     Next, he clutched my firm, round culo, holding on to it for dear life.
     Then, I felt his hot breath blowing against my ear, and his goatee brushing against my neck.  All the while, his moist, hot, slick lips kissed my neck.  That made me freakin’ jerk!  And finally, his warm, slippery tongue found its home in my left ear.
     I was in freakin’ sexual overload!
     "Oh, Gawd, Papa!  Papa, we can't do this here...Papa, shouldn't we wait...?"
     "Want me ta stop, Wes-lee?  Is dat what’cha really want, papito?”
     "Of course not, Pa!  I want you anytime, anywhere!  Just take me, Pa!  Right here.  Right NOW!"
     “Well den, like I said:  gimme all yo’ phat chocolate culo!"   And with that, he skillfully unbuttoned my jeans, swiftly yanking them
D-O-W-N!  Then, ‘Tonio positioned me against the wall.
     Quickly, he slid his thick index finger straight up my bootyliciousbutthole.  
     He got an intriguing surprise!
     "What da fuck?  Hey, you're already lubed up?"  Smiling, he asked, " 'Sup?"
     "Yeah, Papa," I smiled back, looking at him.  "I had a notion you wanted some."
     Then, his fingers went in and out…and then in and UP my willing, receptive, thoroughly juiced-up bootyhole!  And, the exhilaration was causing me to produce my own natural lubricant.
     Those probing sensations made my body jerk!  It became taut, rigid.  He was approaching my prostate, and I felt ready to holla at any point. 
     'Tonio had secured me up against the wall.  As he finger-fucked me with one hand, the digits of his other beefy, moist mitt tweaked my nips.  Ahhhhhhh, yessssssssss!  And with his tongue deep in my mouth, I was totally lost in red-hot emotion and sexual abandon.
     "Gotta have ya right now, baybee!"
     " I'm yours, ‘Tonio.  Fuckin’ take me!"
     Without another word, he fitted an extra large black condom over his rockhard, throbbing, long, wide, phat tool.  In a few seconds, I felt Papa's bulbous, meaty head graze, and then stretch my bootyhole wide O-P-E-N!  And next, with a small push, he’d entered, gliding deep all up inside me. 
     I trembled!   My eyes bulged!  At first, there was that oh-so familiar “stang”: then that glowing, burning sensation--which is a swirl of just the precise amount of pain…and pleasure. 
     "Are ya okay, baybee?"
     I could barely moan, "Everythang's aight, sweetheart."   My voice became guttural, lower than low, laced with heat, lust and passion.
     And then, with one straight, solid, fluid thrust, ‘Tonio pumped the rest of his caramel papadick all the way in and up my bootyhole!  Goddamn!  I was completely, absolutely, totally filled up.  YOWZA!
     Now, Papa went about doin' his work!  He had his humungous muscled legs supporting my slightly bent over body.  As well, he'd wrapped his bulging left arm tightly around my waist, and had his massive right arm and palm pressed into the wall for leverage.
     His stroking became “powerpumping” and then evolved—no, morphed--into POUNDING!   Lickety-split, I assisted by bucking back and forth against his torso, my azzmuscles dragging that caramel papadick further and deeper into me.  That drove him mad-crazy! 
     And shyit!  I was in stone-cold, red-hot delirium.
     "Baybee, you belong ta me...only me!  Dont'cha evah forgit dat!" ‘Tonio grunted and groaned, sweat pouring down his face.
     "I do...and I won't, Papa."   Fuck!  I was in a sex-crazed haze, with no choice but to defer, to agree unequivocally.  After all, I was deliriously in love with this man!
     "Oh shyit, baybee--I gotta cum!"
     "Do it, big man!  You deserve it!" 
     Quickly, he pulled out.  "Oh, Gawdddddddd,” he quietly groaned.  (Y'all can figure out why we had to keep the volume down.  Fo’ real! Smile.)  Thick ropes of cum splattered all ovah my sweaty, quivering azz.   
     Afterwards, I slapped his musclebutt.  “I'm gittin' mine tonite." 
     Totally spent, ’Tonio panted, "No doubt, baybee.  No doubt."

You can Purchase "Nothing Can Tear US Apart - Uncensored" on Amazon by clicking HERE.

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