Friday, September 23, 2011

Too Disgusted by Gays. Really Bitch?

Apparently there is a Catholic woman from Massachusetts (USA) who is so utterly “disgusted” by gay people that she refuses to leave the house. The poor woman’s name is Stacy Trasancos and she has a Blog called “Accepting Abundance” (quite ironic blog title don’t you think?). This mother of seven (did I mention she’s Catholic) who clearly should be intelligent as she use to work as a research chemist, noticeably is in need of a big fat gay reality check. A reality check that I am more than willing to provide. So Mrs Disgusted, pay attention this will change your life!
In one blog post titled “Can’t even go to the park” Mrs Disgusted ranted about the queers. Or as I believe she wants to call us – those darn sodomites. Apparently two men “unnaturally close to each other effeminately rubbing elbows” at a pool or two women “rubbing each other’s backs” in a park freaks her out. Clearly her religious and small minded constitution just is not build to observe affection of any kind - after all she is Catholic and loves and obeys the Pope.

I can just imagine seeing her lounging next to the pool watching the two gay guys like a hawk; patiently waiting with bated onion smelling breath for them to do something depraved. Then it happens. As their elbows touch she gasps for air with religious horror, swoops up from her Jesus Christ crucifixion towel and like a duck that lost her ducklings she franticly runs around gathering her brood, all the while reciting Hail Mary’s. Then as she leaves (in disgust I should add) she gives the queers that telling religious “you are destined for eternal damnation” evil eye. But with the lesbian missy bible basher and self professed agoraphobia suffering homophobe behaves somewhat more cautiously.

Everyone knows never to interfere with a lesbian while giving or receiving a massage. Clearly Mrs Prissy did actually get this flyer from Queer HQ on the windscreen of her station wagon with the “Jesus Loves You, but not if you are gay” sticker on it. As such shameful Stacy only observed the lesbians with revulsion. She probably thought to herself “Jesus, Mary and Joseph, those darn sodomites! Now how the fudge balls am I going to explain that to my innocent children? The debauchery!” Poor woman! Life must be terribly hard, frightening, frustrating and confusing for her.

Sad Stacy claims to be so sensitized to the strangeness in her community that she has developed an ever present jumpiness when out in public. She lives in a constant state of fear as she never knows what tarnation she will face once she leaves her front door. No wonder she’s housebound. She seems to be the only pure soul in Massachusetts and all the rest (who naturally outnumber her) are immoral sodomites headed straight for hell. Well, scared Stacy you are on the right track but let me set the record straight and lay the facts bare for you.
Stacy, I will not lie to you. You are justifiably terrified. You see, 90% of the people you come across in public and think are gay are in fact Queers! The other 10% are on our To Do List and we will still get to them! Oh, and just to let you know - you are on that list too! As for your children, I do pity them for having to grow up in your house with your moral influence. You are going to make it so very hard for us to recruit and reprogram them at our reconditioning camps.

We have found that recruits coming from strict dogmatic backgrounds, once cracked, make for fabulous flaming faggots. Converting them just takes a teeny tiny bit longer. This is mostly due to the fact that at first they resist our techniques. But our camp trainers are a tenacious bunch and once they make a breakthrough we have found that the new recruits flourish and wind up trying to make up for lost time. Usually they end up being the highly sought after superstars on our gay orgy and porn circuits, something I suspect you will excel at once we have reprogrammed you too. But this is not the only thing you need to worry about there are so much more licentiousness heading your way.

Have you ever heard of the gay agenda? Well it exists and is alive and well! It is our life mission to destroy the aberration that is heterosexuality. After all it is not natural for a man and a woman to engage in carnal knowledge. How can that be natural if their genitals aren’t even the same? State by state, country by country we are also systematically and purposefully destroying the sanctity of marriage with Gay Marriage. We rub our matrimony and children in all our neighbours’ faces and with fairy dust and feather boas we scream from our perfectly decorated porches “Look at us world! We are fabulous and we are doing this marriage thing so much better than you!” thereby shaming all our straight neighbours right into divorce court.

As if that isn’t enough we fought hard and long to get Don’t Ask Don’t Tell repealed. Now that we have succeeded, we will have a plethora of weapons, fighter jets, submarines, tanks and fighter ships to our disposal. Who knows, one day we may even have our perfectly manicured little fingers on that all important nuclear detonation button. So do not piss off the queers stinky Stacy, we have an army now!
Yes, stupid Stacy have every right to be scarred out of your tampon when you tippy toe outside the relative safety of your Catholic home. The Queers are everywhere and we are coming for you. The world will be ours and if you are not for us you are against us. But just a word of caution, be careful to turn your backs on us as we never leave the house without KY. Turning your back on us will be interpreted as an invitation by you to fuck with us and we will happily oblidge.

Coming back to slow Stacy, dear it’s best you never leave your house ever again. There’s a big bad gay world out there and we know what you look like. Also best get rid of your television set because if we can’t get you on the street, at the pool or in the park we will get you right in your home with our gay network programming. Scared Stacy, be afraid, be very afraid....
...1...2...the queers are coming for you... better lock the door... 5...6...grab your crucifix ...7...8...better stay up late ...9...10...never sleep again...

Till next time.


jamiessmiles said...

Shhhh, you are not supposed to give away our game plan.

Pierre said...

@jamiessmiles, and this is only the beginning!!! *insert evil laught here*

Doug Stephens said...

I knew "you people" were out to get me. And why wouldn't you? I'm of below-average looks with a huge... nose, and I have the stamina of a lethargic chain smoker.

At first I thought she was being facetious, but no, she is just a fucking retard. She can keep her dumb ass in the house.

Pierre said...

@Doug Stephens, don't fret we will wip you into shape!

timethief said...

Hi Pierre,
Christianity is a religion based on humility, love and forgiveness expressed in the New Testament. The manifestation of that woman's "abundance" is the antithesis. She and her friends are arrogant, fear-filled and manifesting hatred. They are prime example of the low-life bigots and hypocrite that have the temerity to call themselves Christians.

What a shame she chose to reproduce before locking herself away from the world. Her offspring will not only be tainted by her genes, and opinions, but also by her anti-social behaviors.

Pierre said...

@timethief, Well said!

London Escort Service said...

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