Monday, August 8, 2011

Voices from the Hereafter

I never thought the words séance and I would ever end up in the same sentence on my blog, but is has. You see this past weekend hubby, I and two of our closest friends decided to make contact with the afterlife. It was not to be your typical Saturday night. Now, I am not completely new to the occult and I have attended a couple of exorcisms, hauntings and spiritual cleansings but never before did I attend a séance. So I was in for what promised to be an interesting experience. And an interesting experience it was.
For those of you who read my blog regularly will know I have shared a couple of homes with spirits who did not transition and lingered here on earth past their time. Some were friendly and others (like the guy in our current home) got up to some mischief. But never before did I attempt to make contact with them or had I any desire to communicate with them. I minded my own business and expected them to do the same. So when the subject matter of holding a séance came up, I was perplexed: On the one hand I was oddly curious but on the other hand I was strangely unsettled at the prospect of conjuring up a spirit that otherwise would have been at peace. But, at the end, curiosity won over my reservations.

Like most things in my life I rarely enter into a new experience if I haven’t Googled it, as I am not a big fan of surprises. You’d be amazed about how much literature there are on the Internet about ghosts and séances. Some websites clearly miss the plot and others do provide legitimate and credible advice. Having done my research and being satisfied that the four of us who would be preforming the séance will be safe the scene was set, and we were ready to communicate with the hereafter. Fortunately both my friends have successfully preformed séances before and their experience would come in handy.
A séance is not something you preform as a joke or as a party trick. Your faith must be strong and there is no room for cynicism. Spirits won’t tell you next week’s lotto numbers nor will they always tell you what you want to hear or what you ask. With this fresh in the back of our minds we started our séance. Sitting around a small table, candles lit and the smell of incense in the air we closed our eyes and proceeded to say the Lord’s Prayer. In a pensive and relaxed state of mind we asked to have a positive experience and that no bad spirits or spirits that harbour malevolence to come through. And with that the séance commenced.

This past week was the six year anniversary of my mother’s passing and one would think that I would have wanted to speak with her during our séance. After all I do miss her terribly and even though time does pass some wounds never heal. But I did not speak to my mom; instead we spoke to someone else who passed away more recently. It is a strange experience communicating with someone who has gone to the other side, at first making contact is strained and they appear disorientated, confused even. But their message does come through eventually. And this is what the voice from the hereafter wanted us to know.
I’m dead... ...I’m OK... ...OK...” was the first message she gave us. She seemed at peace with her transition, but unbeknown to us she had a more poignant message for my friend. There was a letter she wrote and was adamant that my friend find it. She was not forthcoming about the content of the said letter but suffice to say the gist of the letter bare significance for her. The séance lasted about an hour, and two more spirits made an appearance. One had a sense of humour and was clearly bored and did not contribute much to our experience. The other was a man who acted a guide and should we hold a séance again, I trust that he will make another appearance. After an hour we were all pretty drained yet we felt exhilarated. There is a sense of comfort you get from knowing that once you leave this world that it is not the end.

Our séance was a success and left me feeling at peace. It is not the kind of thing I would recommend just anybody do. You are not always sure who will come through and what message they may have for you. Knowing now that I can communicate with the hereafter will I in future want to talk to my mother? Who knows, there is always that possibility. But for now I am satisfied that she is in a good place and when the time comes and I am ready, she may have a message for me that I will be eager to hear. After all the voices from the hereafter speaks only to those who are willing and prepared to listen.

Till next time.


Jewel said...

I was fascinated to read about this, and it is uncanny that I happened to notice your link on Face Book. By a coincidence, Bakewell is not too far from where I live.

I hope you found some comfort in being in contact with your mum in this way.

Gee Gee Curtained said...

I agree with you that there is something very comforting in the knowledge that there is a hereafter. There is a medium I see everytime I visit Gabarone and I always leave there feeling at peace with the fact that the loved ones I have lost are around me all the time. Unfortunately many so called 'psychics' are nothing but charlatans who give all true mediums a bad name. Communicating with the dead is a very special gift...

Pierre said...

@Jewel, Thanks. I did not attempt to make contact with my mom during this séance, but we did make contact with three other spirits.

@ Gee Gee Curtained, I agree it is a very special gift and one should be cautious who you choose to consult as, like you said, there are many charlatans out there.

Jason Shaw said...

Interesting post, interesting views. Thanks honey.

Pierre said...

@Jason Shaw, thanks ;-)

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