Thursday, March 18, 2010

Perfect World

I spent the last three days drowning in my own bodily fluids courtesy of the not so delightful flu. Being semi bedridden I had a lot of time to think in between wheezing and sneezing on my way to recovery. I realized we do not live in a perfect world. Not an earth shattering epiphany I know, but who have ever thought what their perfect world would be like?
In a perfect world leaders and politicians would have honor and integrity. In the world we live today we are lied to by the powers that be, people who can’t keep their zippers up and say one thing and then do the complete opposite. Politicians and religious leaders seem to be drunk on power, out of touch with the people they serve and the only interest they advocate are their own and that of their close benefactors. I have come to realize that if your basic civil rights have no financial or political gain for politicians you are guaranteed to either lose it or to never gain it. In a perfect world leaders and politicians would have been human beings with their own emotions paid for by themselves, empathy that is genuine and the power of logical thinking and problem solving skills that exceed that of a ten year old and that of a mindless puppet.
In a perfect world there would be no divides along racial, political, gender, religious and sexual lines. People would be free to live as they choose, love who they love and believe in whatever they feel most comfortable with. People would not be discriminated against or killed because they don’t believe in the most popular God of the day, love someone of the same sex or is in a relationship with person of a different race or religion. Society would be tolerant and accepting of the differences that make us human. In a perfect world there would be no religious wars, no advocates for injustice and no hate crimes.
In a perfect world there would be no self inflicted poverty. I would not have to drive past six beggars on my way to work every day. Five of which have nothing wrong with them or have any impediment apart from the fact that it’s easier for them to stand at the traffic light every morning for a couple of hours and beg instead of actually working for their money. In a perfect world I would not be made to feel guilty for not giving my hard earned cash to these beggars but instead giving it to newspaper salesman standing next to them who actually is trying to earn a living. In a perfect world people would try to take pride in their own lives and overcome the obstacles of life and not give up and end up next to the road at the traffic light.
In a perfect world I would see where my tax money is going and it would be a positive experience. In a perfect world my tax money would fix the pothole ridden roads I am forced to endanger my life on every day. We would not be paying for our politicians to live in mansions and our money rather would have been used to build houses for the poor or educate the underprivileged. In a perfect world our tax money would not be used to fight frivolous wars about oil or boarders but rather used for research and development of renewable and clean energy sources.
In a perfect world everyone would have been an icon. People would be selfless and humanitarians who cared about their fellow human beings. There would be world peace because people would have realized they are not the only ones on this planet and our planet is not the centre of the universe. We would have come to understand we are but a grain of sand on a very large beach and we are quite insignificant in the bigger scheme of things. We would know that we all need to survive and take care of each other if we and the generations to come have any chance of a future.

We do not live in this perfect world and chances are we never will, but it sure is nice to dream. Our politicians and religious leaders will still disappoint us, discrimination and intolerance still surrounds us, the reminders of why we get out of bed and go to work still stands at the traffic lights, my tax money still disappears into the black hole of the government’s coffers and people still can’t take the time to be kind to each other. We do not live in a perfect world and it’s nobody’s fault except our own.

Till next time.

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Bama Poly said...

Your comments on seeing where your taxes are going and the people begging on the streets: One way that kind of change could come about is moving towards the Social Credit system.

In that system, the government would take back the ability to print money (the Federal Reserve is about as much a government organization as Federal Express). Each month, people would receive enough money to cover their basic living expenses.

(I don't know if it'd work, but what we have now doesn't work either.)

More info here:

(And a great book with Social Credit explained is Robert Heinlein's "For Us, The Living.")

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