Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Fag Hating Illuminati

Waking up this morning, on my first day of my holiday, I felt that everything was right with the world. No meetings, no frantic phone calls just some rest and relaxation. Still relishing in this tranquil thought, I stumbled out of bed and went about my normal morning routine. Then I checked my e-mail. Another country is about to criminalize homosexuality, and it is Rwanda of all places. After surviving a genocide Rwanda now wants to follow the example of Uganda. I was shocked! What is happening in Africa? Has the world gone mad?
Today the Rwandan government will be voting to introduce Article 217 into their penal code. This article states that:

Any person who practices, encourages or sensitizes people of the same sex, to sexual relation or any sexual practice, shall be liable for a term of imprisonment ranging from five (5) to ten (10) years and fine ranging from Two Hundred thousand Rwanda Francs (200.000 RwF) to one million (1,000,000)Rwanda francs”.

I have to admit I am not an expert on African politics but when I did a little research on Uganda and now Rwanda regarding the Genocide Bill and Article 217, one person’s name seems to keep popping up – Rick Warren. Warren is a “successful” pastor who apparently has close ties to a not-so secret, secret society known as “The Family” or "The Fellowship". "The Family" is a Christian fundamentalist group, it is large and powerful, with tentacles that reach every corner of the world with its members including several high-ranking political figures in the United States. Their goal in Africa – Eradicate homosexuality! The means of doing so – Provide funding to economically challenged governments and pressure them to enforce stricter laws against homosexuality. Their real motive for doing this – UNKNOW…

This sounds like one of those conspiracy theories from a blockbuster Hollywood movie. Naturally, I also dismissed this as farfetched as I did not wanted to stir up images of boogey men or fag hating Illuminati types. However, the reality remains. Two African countries now want stricter laws criminalizing homosexuality, both laws violently infringes on the human rights of gay people and one ominous group seems to be behind this – “The Family”. It would appear gay people around the world now have a new enemy. A group of people who wants us eradicated. A Fag Hating Illuminati hell bent on destroying us.
Unfortunately for this group, they vastly underestimate us queer folk. We are not like the dinosaurs and it will take more than an asteroid or a few powerful, misguided bureaucrats to force us into extinction. Our “depraved lifestyle” and having to hide who and what we really are has made us quite a tenacious bunch of abominations. We are organized, focused and our tentacles also reach well beyond what they expect. What makes us even more dangerous is the fact that we can hide in plain sight, and when they least expect it we will mount them from behind, penetrate their well oiled machinery of hateful propaganda and thrust our collective dissident beliefs down their throats. Our stamina will outlast theirs.

When I read the actual bills and articles these ignoramuses want to introduce to law, I can but only roll my eyes. In the Genocide Bill the poor old dildo, vibrator and strap-on have all been collectively described as a “sexual contraption” reducing it to sounding like some kind of medieval instrument. Gay sex is described as “unlawful carnal knowledge”. So fags according to them no more unlawful carnal knowledge for us especially not with sexual contraptions, rather stick to chaste stupidity! Never has any literature ever encapsulate the eroticism of gay sex quite as eloquently as that of the Fag Hating Illuminati….
Being a community bound by our own “brotherhood” our society is not a secret one. We often profess we are queer and we are here and nothing will stop this or silence us. Have they never seen a Drama Queen throw a tantrum; a Drag Queen getting into a bitch fight at a pageant or a Dyke blowing her lid after catching her girlfriend kissing someone else? Have they never seen the wrath a homosexual can unleash? The combined anger of the queer world will make the atom bomb seem pale in comparison. We do not fight our wars with guns, the weapons we use is far less complex but much more effective and of greater devastation. We have our voices, passion, compassion, the truth and a flare for the dramatics. No matter where we are we will speak out, we will expose the injustice inflicted on our queer family; we will oppose homophobia and resist any pressure to the turn a blind eye. We will continue having carnal knowledge and use whatever damn contraptions we want.
Fag Hating Illuminati, as you are watching us, so too are we keeping a queer eye on you. You are busy in Africa. Uganda and now Rwanda is at risk and we do not know where you will spread your cancer next. Just remember one thing, we will not go quietly, we will not go peacefully and we will not crawl back into the crevices of the closets in which you imprisoned us. It’s not over until the fat Drag Queen’s song is finished or the sexual contraption’s batteries runs out!

'The Family' and Anti-Homosexuality Bill in Uganda


angelshair said...

"Has the world gone mad?"...Africa is sometimes going mad :(

ChrisJ said...

I'm so glad that you checked out "The Family,;" they really are evil and insidious.

Pierre said...

angelshair, True but it's with the assistance of other countries manipulating certain vulnerable nations. Africa seems to be an abused child who's only getting exploited further.

Pierre said...

@ ChrisJ, I honestly thought it was a sick joke, didn't know they really existed. The truth sometimes really is stranger than fiction.

Anonymous said...

Hello Pierre

That's right, considering what Rwanda went thru' it is surprising why they would want to see that happen to anyone let alone people of their country.
Most leaders in Africa think that they will just blow homosexuality away, puff puff gone, done. If they tighten the laws.

Learnt about your blog love it, also write for Global Voices online and apparently chances that the bill will pass are high but it seems that Museveni wouldn't like to see that bill on his desk. He will seem like the biggest tyrant ever, wouldn't he. Just the pastors and mps creating the havoc


Pierre said...

Haute Haiku, thanks for your comment and I am pleased that you discovered my blog.

Africa is being exploited and our political leaders fails to recognize this. Uganda is a prime example on how opportunistic groups are exploiting the fears of a nation and using religion to do so. The true motive behind this, I believe, we will only discover when it's too late to do anything about it.

It's sad that the gay community is being used for this purpose and it would be tragic if these legislations are passed. The day the first homosexual gets executed in Uganda, that person's blood will forever stain Africa and we will all have to bow our heads in shame due to the ignorance of a few people.

I hope they open their eyes in time and are enlightened to realize what they are proposing to do is wrong.

Chris said...

Hi Pierre. Great blog as always but I don't think the word "Illuminati" should be used here. The Illuminati refers to a group that embraces all sexuality. Their beliefs are based on science and not religion.

Keep up the great work!

Anonymous said...

And, after reading that and several other articles, I don't see where all the Christian hate can come from. The 'But it's in the bible' is a bunch of bull. That was the Old Testament, if you say that it is still valid you also approve of stoning and countless other inhumane things.

I hope that, in their own words, they "Find the Light" and start to treat everyone equally.

Pierre said...

@ Chris, to a certain degree I have to disagree. Any group of people that holds the belief that they are superior to any other would, at face value, appear to fall within the general definition of the "Illuminati".

@ Anonymous, that is my wish also!

lifeshighway said...

I am quite aware of The Family. My company has had business dealings with members of that sect. Even their business dealings are shady and full of secrets.

Voted for your blog, good luck!

Pierre said...

lifeshighway, thanks it's much appreciated.

I didn't know of "The Family" before the Uganda and Rwanda issues. I find it shocking to say the least!

David said...

I have long believed organised religion to be the recourse of the spiteful. It’s nothing more to than an opportunity for people with say; psychopathic tendencies to scratch that violent itch and then justify it with the time honoured “In the name of God” – leaving them free to go on to do it again and again.

Like tabloid news papers the lowest common denominator applies - fear, fear of what is different or fear of what they don’t understand. It’s almost like “My God is too benevolent to smite them, so I have to do it for him”. All mainstream religions say murder is wrong these days but people still manage to weave nuances into the lore that entitles them to do it. And over the past few thousand years Man’s weavings has justified the misery and deaths of what must be millions of innocent people by now.

While some people need faith or need to believe in something bigger. Most religious people live their lives loving their neighbours etc practicing it in ways acceptable to civilised society. But they are giving strength to a larger esoteric organisation that is lead by a select few. If these select few feels threatened by a minority then their “say so” can lead to individuals applying their own interpretation and a scratching of the aforementioned itch.

I am not dissing God BTW, I personally believe in Blaise Pascal assumption. It is better to have a faith, after all if you die and noting happens – there isn’t a Heaven - then you haven’t really lost anything. My problem is with Man’s interpretation.

Like the lady says;
“What does a man with power want? More power!”

Pierre said...

David, I agree. It's with man's interpretation where most of our problems with religion emanates. Some groups tend to read into religious literature what they want and use selective sections to justify their actions. Luckily there are people that see through this, but unfortunately not enough people do.

m4m said...

Pierre, that is so insightful. Religion is always open to interpretation.

Pierre said...

m4m, I'm afraid this will never change. As long as there are fanatics out there organized religion will always be at risk to be used as a tool to discriminate against others.

Soph said...

Its so sad, if people continue this way then we may end up seeing the same thing happen again. I really hope you read the book I was talking about, because it was a true story and very well written. Although it did make me cry(just a warning) let me know what you think.

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