Wednesday, October 21, 2009

WHAT THE F..! No wonder I am a bitch.

They say bad things happen in threes. Well, I am starting to believe I am not the exception to the rule but rather I am setting a new standard for it. In one day my week has been ruined, communications failed and I am for all practical reasons stranded. Being sleep deprived which admittedly causes me to be more bitchy and short tempered than usual, a culmination of events almost pushed me over the edge and turned me into quite the bitch. Let me explain…

About a month ago I was in a small accident resulting in minor damage to my BMW. Luckily having good insurance it was an inconvenience but not the end of the world. My car went in for repairs and lo-and-behold just as they were almost done they discovered that one of my shock absorbers was also damaged. Naturally we assumed it was due to the accident. The insurance company sent out one of their people who concluded it wasn’t. I complained, they sent out another person who came to the same conclusion as his predecessor. It was ruled the shock’s damage wasn’t accident related and they could not find any evidence of the damaged being caused by a pothole or the weal being hit by a curb. Luckily the car was just 16 months old and surely the shock absorber was still covered under the warranty and/or motor-plan so BMW would repair it under these conditions, right? Yesterday my car was sent to one of their workshops, it was examined and the technicians concluded that the damage would not be covered by BMW’s warranty or motor-plan.
I was informed of BMW’s decision late yesterday afternoon; I arrived home wanting to send them a further enquiry via e-mail. I switch on my computer and it didn’t want to work. A few phone calls later my computer was arranged to be taken in for an assessment and repairs. Frustrated I went to bed hoping that a new day would bring new solutions.

Waking up this morning preparing to go to work I had my whole day planned and was optimistic that all would be resolved. That was a mistake! Firstly, my day didn’t go as planned. We were supposed to continue with the cross examination of the state witness but this was preempted by the defense bringing a motion for the judge in the case to recuse himself. This was a shock! The implications being that we will loose a whole week and consequently prolong this tedious trial and if the motion is successful we would have to start the whole trial from scratch. This set the mood for the rest of the day.

The second blow came when I was informed that my computer had a virus and it was potentially lethal to all the data stored on it. The diagnoses were later confirmed and the probability of loosing all my data was estimated at 90%. Now I was left facing potentially having to start from scratch with a complicated trial, having a computer infected with a virus that could cause me to loose 90% of data (both personal and some work related) and I had no mode of transport.
Not being able to do much about the trial motion or my computer at that stage I focused on the only problem I could actually try to resolve – my car. Having already called BMW’s customer care line that yielded no results I decided to escalate my problem to BMW South Africa. Eventually getting hold of someone the issue was painstakingly explained and it was promised I would be provided with a suitable solution within an hour.

Two hours later not having heard anything I phoned back. I was informed that BMW would have to send out their regional manager to inspect my car and he would make a final recommendation. Finally, I thought, I was gaining some ground until he muttered the second part of his sentence. The regional manager would only be available next month. Almost hyperventilating at this point I asked the guy in the most restrained manner I could what other alternatives I had as waiting another month clearly is not an option. To my utter surprise and disgust he told me I could fetch my car from the panel beaters and use it until the regional manager was available. Thinking I heard him wrong I repeated “So you want me to fetch my car and drive around with it while it clearly has a mechanical fault?” He answered in the affirmative. Shocked I asked to speak to his manager, he answered that he was the manager, asked to speak to his immediate superior and was told she was in a meeting in Cape Town. Completely at a loss for words a short uncomfortable silence followed ending with me putting down the phone in his ear.

As I was typing my formal complaint about BMW this afternoon on my very slow and old computer (the computer that was replaced with the one currently infected with a virus) I receive a “courtesy” call from BMW’s customer care wanting to know whether I was satisfied with the service my car received at the branch it was taken and whether all repairs were done to my satisfaction. The first thing going through my mind was “What the fuck?!” As I was not responding due to disbelief she asked whether I was still on the line and I responded by saying “NO!” It slipped out and confused her. She asked me “No your not on the line or no your are not completely satisfied?” The stupidity of that question set my off on a 20 minute rant and by the end I had her repeat everything that I had said to make sure she had noted it correctly which took her a further 15 minutes. Now both our days were ruined.

So yes I had a shitty day. The court case has been frustrated, my brand new computer has a virus and my BMW is still broken. There are two more days left of this week. If I am not going survive it I am taking everybody around me with me to the loony bin.

Till next time.

Kathy Griffin - Everybody Can Suck It


nothingprofound said...

I hope things improve. I might check the shock absorber with some private mechanic (if you know one) who you trust. Dealers are always trying to inflate the bill by making repairs the car doesn't really need.

Pierre said...

That I have done. From the reports from my insurance company, the panel beaters and my own guy it appears I bought the car with the shock absorber already damaged from the dealer. Now just getting BMW to acknowledge this is a whole different story.

Rambler said...

sounds like a bad time all round... sheesh... hope it gets better soon

Jenn Thorson said...

Next month? And you can drive it that long? Aren't they encouraging you to commit... a safety violation?!

Fer pete's sake. Or, er, Pierre's rather.

Pierre said...

It's crazy I know, BMW has a weird sense of logic.

What today is concerned maybe my Pluto is in retrograde with my Uranus (astrologically speaking).

Watched the news, the only high-light is that I wasn't in any one of the clips on the news regarding the damn trial. Little silver lining...

Anonymous said...

"Any day above ground is a good day"!!!
Be are f...alive. my friend just went back to Argentina to see all his friends and GUESS WHAT HAPPPENED? He dropped dead of a massive heart attack!
Be Happy, Mercedes Benz is just as crappy as BMW. So I send you a biggggg huggggg!!!
You are alive. This will make you stronger.
Your Friend from Canada.

Pierre said...

Thanks Cristina, you're right at least I have my health!

At least my computer has been sorted out and I'll be getting that back later tonight.

After throwing more tantrums I received a call from one of BMW South Africa's Directors who apologized for the inconvenience and assured me that this matter will be given priority. The so-called regional manager that would be unavailable for a month will make himself available tomorrow morning. So let's see what happens. Why should one always have to resort to tantrums and what can almost amount to harassment before such problems are given proper attention?

lj said...

Wow! Crazy! We all have those days sometimes and it's not fun! I have learned over the years that being nice gets me nowhere! Unfortunetly it does take tantrums and persistant complaining before companies like these will do anything about it. Amazing how once you didn't give in, the guy is able to come the next day and not next month! :)
Hopefully things will turn around for you!

Pierre said...

Yea, I think we all go through these phases, I am just tired of mine.

My computer is fixed and I got my car back today. One would think everything is OK...NOT! The damn panel beater neglected to fix the scratches on my boot - will this never end????? ...but at least it's Friday!

So I guess it's back to throwing tantrums on Monday!

3L said...

Sorry to hear about the accident... don't you just love insurance when you actually get to use it...I know only too well about the computer virus. Since I am TLD, tech learning disability, I fail to keep my computer properly maintained and my poor Bessie has suffered many ailments because of it.

I'm throughly intrigued by this blog. This is my first visit but I have to say that felt safe to become a fast fan via Facebook. Excited to see more fabulousness in the future.

TheFlyOnTheWall said...

Oh man you did have a bad day/week. Hope it improves. I enjoy your writing style.

Pierre said...

@ 3L, Technology can really be a pain in the behind sometimes, but we just can't seem to live without it. I am thrilled that you like my blog ;-)

@ TheFyOnTheWall, the week is almost over & things can only get better - let's hope!

Pierre said...

So I collected my car from the panel beaters on Friday, just bloody grateful to have my car back. Get home open my trunk only to discover on closing it they didn’t repair the scratches on it. Phoned them and was told it wasn’t part of the original quote. So I decided to leave it and deal with it on Monday. Phoned the insurance company today explained what happened & to my surprise there were no hassles, they admitted it was an oversight on their side and they will arrange to have it fixed, yea!

A while later BMW SA phones me to inform me the shock absorber was examined and they found no evidence of the damage being caused due to a flaw or factory fault – they are not going to refund me. Somehow I am not surprised. This time instead of throwing a sequel to my tantrums of last week I calmly let them finish what they had to say, and now referred the matter to a mediator.

Sam Sall said...

Wow what a frustrating week you had !! I just hope you have a better days this week ...

GoddessDionna said...

Wow! Sorry about your situation. I really hope it gets better.

On a brighter note, you made my day with that last statement, "If I am not going to survive it I am taking everybody around me with me to the looney bin" - Hilarious!

The Goddess Dionna

Pierre said...

@ Sam Sam, it's going better already, I adopted a new attitude which helps.

@ Goddess Diona, I am glad I could put a smile on your face ;-)

Dee said...

This sounds so much like the experience I had with Audi and Brazil. I got the courtesy call too. WTF indeed. I let them have it and that was that! Then there was the drama was Volvo. Called Sweden - same old story. Had to pay for their mechanical F- Up.

Shoot at least the pink phone looks fun. Sweet.

Pierre said...

Dee, thanks for sharing. After reading your comment I must say you actually provided a simple solution to all our problems - BUY CHEAPER CARS!!!!

BMW, AUDI VOLVO etc seems like a waste of our hard earned cash when one take into consideration all the shit we have to deal with when something goes wrong. And there I thought by buying a BMW I also bought peace of mind.

T - Another Geek Girl said...

Uranus is just fine.

The problem is that you bought a BMW. I think technically that makes you a bitch regardless, must be something in the leather smell. I, on the other hand, have a JAG--which makes me an uber-bitch. The Queen of all bitches. Just ask my pedicurist, she's gotten a kick up side the head by my 'I Swear I'm Not A Waitress' rosy, red toes more than once.

There really isn't anything you can do. I know, I have two bad shock absorbers right now. Every time I hit a pothole I'd swear I'm driving the Flintstone's car.

My advise: An aroma therapy candle (which won't work at all by the way) and a cup of hot tea. Not nearly as good as primal scream therapy, but then whatever really is?

It will get better :)


One Creative Queen said...

I'm so sorry you had a bad week...but I hope it's gotten better. One good thing for my week? Finding your blog. Thanks for adding me as a friend on BlogCatalog, and for showing the video of Kathy. She's so funny!

Hang in there - it's bound to get better. l love your blog and will be back often. xx

Pierre said...

@ T - Another Geek Girl, thanks Ms Uber-Bitch. It's all part of life I suppose. Just have to ride it out and make as many people crazy while doing so.

@ One Creative Queen, thanks I appreciate the kind words ;-) My week is better already!

Jay said...

Man i've missed this blog! Sorry things didn't work out as you'd hoped. To a better week next week :)


Pierre said...

Thanks Jay ;-)

Jane Turley said...

Ha, ha! Great rant:) Sounds like you have as much luck with cars as I do. I've reversed into three cars, 1 gate, driven into another car and had a puncture and hit the kerb all in about 18 months. Previously I had a perfect driving record! Now I have insurance costs to match my interest in chocolate.

On the plus side my computer hasn't ****** up yet!

Keep complaining. Unfortunately, it does seem the only way to get a result these days which is not a nice feeling. The days of honour and good cutomer service are long gone:(

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